Saturday, April 11, 2015

Governorship Elections in Nigeria: PDP Vote Manipulation Reported In Parts Of Eastern Nigeria

Source: SaharaReporters

Nkanu East- 
Oruku Amechidodo- PU 009- Oruku- Amechidodo: PDP members in collaboration with security agents are instructing voters and insisting they must vote for them otherwise they should leave the Polling unit. INEC officials refused the people to vote under that type of situation, PDP members resorted to fighting them the INEC Officials. 
The party agent at Eha Uno ward has been kidnapped by PDP members. And other APC party members are demanding security. 

Uzo-uwani : 
Uvuru ward- no result sheet. 
Igbo eze South 

Unadu ward: Thugs are threatening to kill anybody that doesn’t vote for PDP. And the area is surrounded by men with machetes, guns, and all forms of weapons. 

LG Chairman reports that PDP seized all original result sheets from the collation center in Imilike ward. 

Oji River LGA: 
Ward 2 polling unit 1&2: PDP gave a Strange crowd called voters lots of PVCs to come and vote in their favour. 

Oji River- INYI I: elections should be cancelled, too many malpractices and intimidation. 

Oji River- Iga Akpugo ward PU 2- INEC officers refused to announce the no of accredited voters before commencing voting. 

Central schl Akpugo ward- unit 2: They are accrediting and voting at the same time. 

Achiuno ward 3 : Accreditation still ongoing 

Oji River: Central school Achi, Achi Uno ward III unit 001, incidence form is not used for people that failed the card reader accreditation. 

Ward 11, unit 006, The INEC officers and security officers are working together with PDP, and are conducting manual accreditation instead of using the card reader. 
Enugu East: 

Abakpa ward 16: INEC refused to declare the total no of accredited voters in Abakpa ward 16, st Theresa primary school ward 16, st Cyprian ward 17 and Ugwogo ward 

Igbo etiti 

Ward 4 Aku- Old Pump- APC agent Nwanneka Okechukwu has been beaten to stupor and rushed to the Gen hospital Aku. Prince Okey Nwani engineered this. 

Otoboetiti ward 5 Aku  & Ukwuakjaka ward 4 Aku: No result sheets and INEC Officials have refused to reveal the number of accredited voters. 


Ward 2: Though manual accreditation was done, PDP agents are threatening voters to vote only PDP members. It is clear that the security agents are backing them, since they didn’t react or try to stop them. 

Agbogugu Ward: There is serious fight and chaos going on in two polling units of the ward. And voters in other polling units are under serious threat from PDP. 

Anikenano / Ugwueme 8: though no accreditation took place, PDP agents are trying to smuggle out the few electoral materials in possession of the INEC Official. 


Ebe Ward: PDP Agents are forcing voters to vote for PDP at the watch of security agents.

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