Sunday, April 19, 2015

NOWEFU Crisis Deepens as Ntumfor Rejects Offer to Reword Constitution

Launching of NOWEFU at Nkwen Palace

By Fai Cassian Ndi
The legality and leadership crisis rocking the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU is far from being over regardless of attempts by Mezam SDO Nguele Nguele Felix to reconcile disgruntled factions. Classified sources say Mezam SDO has confirmed that NOWEFU is an illegal association. The information was made public during a meeting at the SDO’s office last Friday April 17, 2015. During the meeting, it was agreed that NOWEFU was not legalized even though there is a receipt to that effect. it should be recall that it was during a meeting with Governor Lele Lafrique that two constitutions were presented. One presented by Fon Chafah and another by Fon Teche, both of them members of the so-called Kaduna mafia who are at each other’s throat. Public opinion holds
An impeachable source hinted that the outgoing President declared during the meeting that the only person to rescue the union from the mess is Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle. During the meeting with the SDO, the fons unanimously agreed that Ntumfor Nico Halle should rewrite a constitution for NOWEFU. Sources close to Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle casted doubts whether the peace crusader will accept the offer. According to our source, Ntumfor Nico Halle had long rejected the offer from the outgoing President of NOWEFU, Fon Teche, when he brought a delegation to meet him when the crisis erupted.
 Ntumfor is quoted to have argued that both Fon Teche and Fon Chafah are birds of the same feather. “Where was he (fon Teche) when Ntumfor was suspended in June 2007. When he took over office what did he do just resurfaces at the end of his mandate? he questioned.
When contacted, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle told this reporter to know whether he could rescue NOWEFU, Ntumfor Nico Halle laughed and said that it is out of question for him to intervene in NOWEFU issues. To Ntumfor Nico Halle, there is a lot of dishonesty in what is happening within NOWEFU. He cited the Secretariat project which for more than 10 years has remained where he left, the management of funds etc. And even went further to questioned the rule of the big fons in handling NOWEFU issues.
Commentators are of the opinion that Ntumfor is not that kind of a person that could be used and dumped given that he sacrificed a lot for the fons. A school of thought holds that the legality crisis has signaled the collapsed of NOWEFU. Greed, we gathered is what has landed the union into the gutter. 

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