Friday, May 1, 2015

Bamenda Steams as Fru Ndi Returns from USA with International Award

Fru Ndi Receiving award
The euphoria that greeted SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru at Matazen (Santa) as he was returning home after being recognized by Africa Focus (a US based Organization) was full of splendor and fanfare. Received at the entrance into Bamenda by some SDF MPs, Mayors, Shadow Cabinet Ministers, NEC members as well as militants and sympathizers, Fru Ndi’s convoy drove directly Ntarinkon where hundreds were waiting anxiously to get a glimpse of the award. There were trumpet blast, singing and dancing when the award was being paraded round for everyone to see.
It should be recalled that while in the United States, African Focus Director Uchenna Nworgu explained that he grew up watching the chairman fight for democracy and multiparty politics in Cameroon. He described SDF National chairman as lifetime achiever for his contribution in Cameroon's politics and democracy.
Narrating the event in the USA, Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi told the Bamenda population that he was just a messenger and that the award belongs to those who supported him/ and continue to support him in the struggle. He also told the population that he dedicated the award to Nelosn Mandela, Martin Luther, Good luck Jonathan, Abdul Diouf of Senegal and Buhari of Nigeria. Ni John Fru Ndi also added that he dedicates the award to the six young men who died at SDF launching some 25 years ago, the Takumbengs mothers and his own late mother and the entire SDF family.
Talking to journalists, Benjamin Fru Ndi who was part of the delegation to the United States of America said that the award from Africa Focus was a great achievement. Harping on the significance to the youth of today, Ben said that it should be a motivating factor to youths all over Africa that we can achieve what we want without bloodshed. “Justice and peace should be what we should be fighting for in this continent”, Benjamin Fru Ndi concluded.
Other speakers at the Ntarinkon reception included amongst others, the SDF Parliamentary Group leader Hon. Banadzem Joseph, Hon Njong, SDF NW Regional Chairman. To devoted militants like 
 Mayor Balick Awah Fidelis, the award is timely and worthwhile especially as it is coming at the heels of SDF Silver Jubilee  

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