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Donga Mantung: Visiting PCC Moderator Urges Christians to be Patriotic

Rev. Fonki
The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Rev. Fonki Samuel has called on PCC Christians of the Donga Mantung Presbytery to be patriotic in their way of life. In his sermon titled: Don’t Give up, PCC Moderator told the story of a poor woman who had no status before the law but resisted injustice. Injustice, corruption, embezzlement, capital flight have chopped the foundation of humanity giving room to egoistic systems of governance in Africa. Rev. Fonki Samuel also decried that the judiciary which is supposed to serve as the watchdog is unfortunately estranged in Africa by authoritative regimes. This egoistic system of governance, he lamented is partially or is responsible for the vice. While congratulating the 111 congregations that make up the Donga Mantung Presbytery and their partners in Germany for the numerous projects achieved, Rev. Fonki Samuel equally called on the Christians to use their products. He said PHS Nkambe should be the pride of Donga Mantung Division given that it also ensures the right moral upbringing of youths. On the Mbembe Project, he urged the Presbytery to reflect on how the project to could be transformed into generating income. He also used the opportunity to call on the Christians to pray for pastors’ inorder to encourage them to serve as good leaders in the various communities.
Rev. Titatang Kingsley on his part, presented a message from the friendly (church partner) in Germany. On the other hand, the mayor of Nkambe, Ngabir Paul Bantar told the Moderator that people the people Christians could elect him to pilot the affairs of the PCC, God had earlier elected him to the duty post. He said that even though the church as challenges, “the church is equally up to the task”. He concluded by calling on the PCC to maintain its frontline position as mainstream church.
Rev. Eyakwe Joseph Tata Nagunda, Donga Mantung Presbytery Secretary in a briefing with journalists said he was satisfied with the recommendations of the Moderator and the fact that PC Nkambe was sanctified as a worshipping house. Rev. Eyakwe also used the opportunity to express a message of thanks to their partner in Germany as well as called on the population to send their children to PHS Nkambe, which he said, is the citadel of standards. He also expressed gratitude to the Moderator for the scholarship program that he has offered to students and would be students of PHS Nkambe.
Hon. Awudu Mbaya
It should be recalled that a sum of FCFA 1,865,350 was raised to refurbish the Nkambe town Presbyterian Church. The fundraising which took place under the chairmen’s hip of the Mayor of Nkambe, Ngabir Paul Bantar, Hon. Awudu Mbaya, Questor at the National Assembly and SDO for Donga Mantung gave the church a new way. Talking to journalists at the end of the day, Hon. Awudu Mbaya said that considering the importance of the event, he had to travel from Yaounde to Nkambe to be part. According to Hon. Awudu, the Church has a duty to check societal excesses and the PCC has been doing it with a lot of dexterity. He described Rev. Fonki as a chosen God servant and messenger. Accordingly, Hon. Awudu said he appreciated the message of the Moderator given that the church (House of God) should not be a place of gossip, backbiting, slanders and all sort of obnoxious acts. Christians, he said should live in Love, peace and harmony.
It should be recalled that while in Donga Mantung Division, Rev. Fonki Samuel was crowned with the traditional title of Ta Nformi, while the Synod Clerk was also honoured with the Tamfu.
Profile of Moderator and Synod Clerk
Rev. Eyakwe Joseph Tata Nangunda
The Rev. Fonki was born on November 23, 1965 in his native village of Bombe in Akwaya, Manyu Division. His educational career started at St. Paul Primary School Bombe, culminating with a Masters Degree in Applied Theology at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. He has served the church in different capacities ranging from Parish Pastor to Presbytery Secretary in different presbyteries and also as Direct Partnership Secretary of the PCC.
He is married to Rev. Dr. Perpetua Fonki, a lecturer at the Cameroon Christian University – Kumba Campus and they are blessed with a son, Fonki Samuel Forba Junior.
Rev. Babila Fochang
Rev. Babila Fochang hails from Bali Nyonga. He has served the church in several capacities including as Parish Pastor, Chaplain, Presbytery Treasurer, Presbytery Secretary, and Lecturer at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary Kumba where he also served as Liberian, Director of Academic Affairs and Registrar.
He is married to Rebecca Kakubad. They are blessed with a son, Fambuh Emmanuel.

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