Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pa John Ndukong Laid to Rest in Tabenken

Family, friends and an entire community joined the Kungi Ngenge family of Tfum- Tabenken to pay last homage and farewell to Papa John on Saturday, May 16, 2015. Papa John Ndukong who was born more than 80 years ago, passed away to eternity on May 5, 2015.
“He was one of those people who didn’t just sit and talk. He got up and did things to the point that the coffee and cocoa farms he developed in Muyuka-South West Region have provided jobs to many young Cameroonians” says Chifu Edward, In-law to Pa John. In a his eulogy, Dr. Tanya Vincent described Pa John Ndukong as a man who started learning how to survive on his own at a very young age. According to Dr. Tanya, Pa John worked for the Public Works Department-PWD as a labourer in the then Nkambe Division in the early 50s and later left his village, Tabenken for the “coast” where he was employed by Elders and Fyffers Banana Plantation.
When Southern Cameroons got independence through reunification with the Republic of Cameroon in 1961, E&F lost the preferential tariff for the entry of banana into the United Kingdom. Its operations in Cameroon became uneconomical and the banana company was forced to stop the banana business in 1966. Pa John found himself jobless. Since he was ever full of initiative, Pa John as testified by Dr. Tanya Vincent bought some land in Bafia-Muyuka and settled down as a coffee and cocoa farmer. He worked relentlessly to develop his coffee and cocoa farms to the point that he became a reference in the sector. Until his passing away on May 5, 2015, these farms have been and continue to be a source of livelihood for his immediate and extended family, as well as many young Cameroonians who have worked for him.
It should be recalled that in 1988, Pa John became the family head of the Kungi Ngenge family, one of the largest in Tabenken village. 
“Pa respected all of us in our large family for the simple dignity of life, his manly virtues, his sense of duty and his happy nature. Pas was very essence of compassion and generosity. He built bridges”. This concluding statement by Dr. Tanya tells the life story of a true-born soldier, and a workaholic.
The funeral mass which took place at PC Tfum was officiated by Rev. Daniel Njeibah, Rev. Theophilus G Pafeh, Rev. Jonathan Tiemi, Rev. S Andoh, Rev. R Ngwayi and Rev. G Akoh. In their prayers, the pastors committed Pa John into the hands of God, given that by His power, He gave us life. 

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