Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Silver Jubilee of the SDF: A Show of Political Strength in Nkambe, Ndu

An estimated 15.000 militants and sympathizers of the Social Democratic Front-SDF, showed up at the Fon Ibrahim Japbu Nfor Grandstand in Nkambe to celebrate the 25 years of their party. The turnout was a clear indication that the SDF will emerge stronger after its 25 years of continuous existence, impressionists say. Speaking at the Silver Jubilee celebration Mbeh Wilfred Shey, SDF District chairman for Nkambe Electoral District expressed thanks and gratefulness to thousands who turnout for the loyalty. Mbeh Shey Wilfred also said that at 25, the SDF is mature enough to rule Cameroon. He recalled that the day is also in honour of the six who were killed on May 26, 1990 during the official launching in Bamenda. He advised the militants to follow the steps of SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi who is an advocate of peace, and was recently honoured with The Peace and Stability Award in the USA.
 On his part the District Secretary of the SDF Sajo Amidu Yerima said that Ni John Fru Ndi in 1990 proved his worth when he rejected violence for peace. Sajo Amidu used the occasion to thrill the population on the euphoria that saluted Fru Ndi at Africa Focus Awards in the USA.
He also talked about the Private Members’ Bill presented by Hon. Awudu Mbaya for the protection on the protection of water catchments, watersheds and wetlands. But he lamented that a certain female MP for Fako (Anglophone for that matter) masterminded the act to deny Cameroonians water. But according to Amidu Sajo, Hon. Awudu entered records to have created the unexpected given that his Private Members’ Bill is the first ever to have been endorsed by the Chairman’s conference since the creation of the Cameroon National Assembly. He said the SDF is a mature party and doesn’t like to be provoked. In reacting to that provocation, he revealed that last May 20, the CPDM hired students of GTHS and GBHS Nkambe to match-past in party ranks for a pay and that the SDF will never do such a thing.
Mary Awudu, in her capacity as District political educator called on SDF militants to maintain their faith, determination and courage. Drawing inspiration from the Book of God, she narrated the story of Jesus Christ, saying that when Jesus was performing miracles; some people were more interested in his origin than what He was doing. She said that some people even concluded that nothing good can ever come out of Nazareth. But in the final analysis, Jesus proved them wrong. She told the population that while local CPDM local officials still go for politics of hate, President Biya has proven them wrong by sending his Secretary General, Jean Kuete to come and commune with the SDF at this 25 anniversary. “Love your Neighbour as yourself”, she advised militants.
In Ndu, SDF District chairman Ngabah Eric also expressed gratitude to militants and supports of the party for their dedication to the struggle for democracy and good governance in Cameroon. Ngabah Eric also added that the SDF merits an up score to have played the role of a peace advocate for 25 years. “Much has been achieved in 25 years and we have all the reasons to celebrate this great day in the history of our party”. He said a child born on this day should be 25 years old and should be mature enough, thus the SDF is “celebrating maturity”.
Talking to this reporter at the end of the event in Nkambe, Manjong Hilary who travelled all the way from Yaounde to celebrate in Nkambe said he was so overwhelmed by the massive turnout. Manjong Hilary continued that at 25, the SDF has achieved a lot. First of all, as the watchdog of Government actions and secondly much as been achieved in the domain of freedom of express, economic development, social development etc.

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