Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fon Gwan Mbanyamsig of Guzang Gets State Honour

Fon Gwan Mbanyamsig
 HRH Fon Gwan Mbanyamsig III of Guzang village has been awarded a medal for his astute contributions in nation building. Present at Guzang Palace on June 10, 2015 to carry out the state assignment of decorating the Fon Mbanyamsig III with “Knight of the Cameroon Order of Valor” was the Divisional Officer for Batibo. In a welcome speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, the mayor of Batibo Council Tanjoh Fridrick said he was delighted government is giving credit where it is due. “If government continues this way, the population of Batibo municipality will do more”, the mayor reiterated. Accordingly Tanjoh Fridrick insinuated that he sees in the medal the springboard because the Guzang palace is a citadel of development. He applauded Fon Mbanyamsig for the peace and development in the village and for following the steps of his forefathers.
Talking to journalists at the end of the medal award ceremony, Fon Gwan Mbanyamsig III said that he is very delighted that Cameroon is moving ahead. He also thanked the population for supporting him and for pushing him up the ladder. “If I tell you that I don’t feel on top today, then I am dishonest. In fact my people pushed me to where I am because they believed in me and my aspirations”. To Fon Mbanyamsig, the medal is an honour of honours that will act as a spur for him to release his best.
Singing, dancing and gun firing was at its peak as hundreds gathered to feast with their leader.

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