Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Madam Chantal BIYA designated Special Ambassador of UNAIDS.

 The humanitarian activities of the First Lady Madam Chantal BIYA have once more been given world-wide attention following her appointment as a Special Ambassador of UNAIDS. The Executive Director of UNAIDS Michel SIDIBE personally made the announcement at Unity Palace in Yaoundé on 1st June 2015 following an audience with the First Lady, with the President of the Republic His Excellency Paul BIYA also checking in to mark his support for the First Lady.
The prestigious appointment was awarded at a brief but highly significant ceremony at the East Wing of Unity Palace, during which Mr. Michel SIDIBE handed over a trophy and a certificate of recognition to the First Lady.
Speaking on the significance of the award, the Executive Director of UNAIDS posited that the distinction of Madam Chantal BIYA is in recognition of her work of over twenty years in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. He further stated that the First Lady is a pioneer in the effort to eradicate HIV/AIDS from the continent. Michel SIDIBE also pointed out that another distinguishing factor can be seen in the fact that the First Lady associated operational research to field work in combating the disease, a dual strategy that has enabled the accomplishment of many tangible results.

The President of the Republic, who was in attendance to give maximum support to his wife, reaffirmed his determination to make the fight against HIV/AIDS a priority as he said: “African Synergies and the Government will redouble efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS. I make the pledge in front of you all”. A Presidential promise that should warm the hearts of all those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
The Executive Director of UNAIDS was accompanied to Unity Palace the Representative of UNAIDS in Cameroon Dr. Amadou MBAYE and other close collaborators.


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