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Meet Suila Aruna; The Visionary at the Helm of Nkum Council

 The American writer, William Menninger has outlined six essential qualities that are key to a successful man. In referring to the mayor of Nkum Council as a simple man and personality of the moment, it would be proper to contextualize his manners with Menninger six essential qualities of a good and simple man. The qualities are sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom and charity which constitute factors that make somebody successful. The Mayor of Nkum has a prescribed amount of these qualities and holds them close to his heart. These qualities are his assets. In Mathew’s gospel Christ is quoted as saying that ‘where your treasure lies there will your heart lie also’. The Chinese thinker, Lao Tzu has redefined these treasures which are essential qualities for a success in the oft-quoted passage: ‘I have three precious things which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second is frugality; the third is humility-which keeps me from putting myself before others’. He goes further to enumerate the gifts of all this qualities: ‘Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and can be liberal-avoid putting yourself before others and you become a leader among men’.
His simplicity comes from the fact that he is more a man of action than a man of words. He would not start something that he would not finish. He would prefer not to initiate an action than to leave it half way. Everywhere he has visited ever since he was elected mayor, he has been noted for this character mannerism. Aruna’s simplicity at times makes him teach by example. If he thinks his colleague, collaborator and or someone in the municipality do not understand him, he would demonstrate by example. This is a rare quality to find in today’s elected officials. Suila Aruna is more of a practical politician who can fit squarely in private and productive enterprise than in routine political work. His blood flows constantly. To understand this one must revisit his political career to see where he is coming from: After graduating from the then University of Yaounde in flying colours, Suila Aruna took up politics. He was elected councilor and that same year, he was elected by his peers as 2nd Deputy Mayor of the then Kumbo Rural Council. He was not only the youngest councilor but was very instrumental in accompanying development process. When the then Kumbo Rural council was named Nkum council, and its headquarter moved to Taum, Suila Aruna also moved the ladder to the position of 1st Deputy Mayor. After several years deputizing, he was recently elected Mayor.

The most interesting thing about simplicity is that it is not what you do or say but how people see you that make you a simple man. We have people in Cameroon that have named their businesses and projects as simplicity while they are some citizens who call themselves ‘simple men/women’ but have ended up being the most difficult set of people to deal with. By qualifying the Mayor of Nkum Council, Suila Aruna as an incomparable simple mayor in recent times is to accentuate the point that unlike other elected officials, he walks the talk and talks the walk. He is so straight forward and open to a point that those who thrive in subversive activities would wrap up that he is a difficult man. Given that Suila Aruna does not say one thing and mean the other.

The Mayor with a Vision
Suila Aruna is by all means a gentleman who is not only bold and liberal but also a leader by his own rights. As mayor of Nkum Council, he already is entering into records for his gentleness and sincerity. As a leader, Aruna understands the importance of the bigger picture even as he does not close his eyes to petty details. Wearing the mayoral shoes for just two years now, he has done more than any other single mayor has ever done in that council area. He took over the leadership of the council with jam-packed experience and with a big vision; that of giving Nkum council area the place it deserves in the North West Region and in Cameroon. To suggest that Mayor Aruna has not done much is to ignore the facts and evade the realities about Nkum Council area. This is so because he has within a very short time demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts that he has the vision, the will and the determination to assist in the transformation of the local community in Nkum. The most fascinating thing is that he has made councilors to understand that being there for each other counts more when each community benefits from development projects. His objectives for Nkum council are noble, his methods civil. In managing affaires in Nkum council he seeks the truth as his defining achievement. The visionary leader of the Nkum council area has as determination to improve upon the welfare of his brothers and sisters. His exceptional understanding of the challenges that confront the Council area has also shaped his vision.
Today Suila is the arrowhead for the growth of the Sub Division. Reason why the SDO for Bui Nzekie Theophile is on record to have scored Suila Aruna as the best Mayor in the Division. He even went further to urge other mayors to consult him when in difficulties. The 2014 administrative, stores and financial accounts of the Nkum council were exemplary. As priority, his fundamental mission has been to widen the circle of opportunity for his brothers and sisters back home. That is why, with is deep understanding that ‘knowledge is power’ he went on to intensify his collaboration with PNDP, FEICOM and EU Rural Development Project. Meet him in his office and you would be surprised that he acts as a catalyst for the development of the area. No work meant for today, he says would wait for tomorrow. Its weaknesses notwithstanding, the mere introduction of this modern development mobilization tool remain a step in the right direction yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Aruna Opens New Page for Nkum
His new style in council management leaves many surprised. He has constructed and successfully handed over many classrooms and benches to schools and colleges in the locality. With him many farm-to-market roads have been opened up and some rehabilitated. The vast nature of Nkum Council area which extends right down to Mbam and Kuvluh has not intimidated him. Rather it has strengthened his resolve to roll off his sleeves and let things done. In this light he is reaching out to their demands progressively and as means provide given that the most beautiful woman can only offer what she has got. More Council staff has been enlisted in a bid to curb unemployment in the community. This silent locomotive is an achiever as seen in his support to all village development associations in the area. Health is wealth, it is said. That is why he has embarked in seeing that health centres are rehabilitated and equipped to response to the need of the population. Last May 20th and May 26th he was praised for the high mobilization the SDF showcased at National Day celebration and 25 anniversary of his party, SDF. For this and others we say bravo mayor Suila Aruna. The future is bright. Like every elected official would tell you, his mission is to maintain law and order and to promote development. He could also add that he fights high crime wave and disorder in public places. But Aruna is more practical, whenever it concerns peace and solidarity. He was personally present when the SDF fundraised over FCFA 31 million to support soldiers fighting Boko Haram.
Suila Aruna is no different even as he adds a human and friendly touch to his mission statement. This mission statement can only come from somebody who wants to make the difference. And the difference is clear in Nkum since he became mayor. No sooner did he arrive than he squarely addressed the thorny issue of hygiene and sanitation thereby reducing the incidence of cholera in Nkum sub division.

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