Thursday, June 4, 2015

PC Ntanfoang Bali Bubbles; Church Seal!

·         *Furious Agitation as Thousands Protest Against Punitive Transfer of Pastor
·       *  Christians Accuse PCC of Sabotage; Threaten Boycott Church Activities
Source: The Drum
Last Monday the 1st of June 2015, about 4pm) saw the presence of thousands of PC Christians and non-Christians storming the premises of Ntanfoang church in defiance of what The Drum was told is in reaction to the abrupt transfer of their Presbyterial Secretary Rev. Titatang Kingsley Bobga who has served in the church for 10 months, to Banso in Bui division.
According to PC Christians, it was unusual for the church bell to ring during the week. June 1 was the day of the weekly market. The sound of the bell could not therefore leave anybody indifferent. The gravity of the situation could be determined from the anxiety in the voice of a caller who invited The Drum to come and witness the situation. So preoccupied were the Christians with the situation that our arrival was noticed as most of the Christians were busy vomiting their bile.
Weeping, curses and verbal war was the order of the day, as most of the Christian members including some church elders who converged inside the church to react to what The Drum further learnt, was the unholy news which was Rev. Titatang Kingsley Bobga’s removal.
According to sources, on Saturday 29th May 2015, the Moderator of the PCC, Rt Rev Samuel Fonki Forba signed a decree appointing and transferring church workers in all parts of Cameroon especially within the church. When the news got into the ears of PC Ntanfoang Christians that their PS had been transferred, they did not get it in fine fettle. The Drum was briefed that most of the Christians who got the news believed that the abrupt transfer of the pioneer Presbyterial Secretary is punitive. This action was manifested when they cried out cursing the PCC Moderator and the Synod Clerk.
They were the more furious with Rev Fochang Babila who is a Bali man, to have masterminded the sending away of their darling pastor. This was seen as the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition towards them. In the midst of the confusion was Elder Elizabeth Sama who attempted to coax the furious minds of Christians. Yet, every word that came out from her mouth was received with boos and jeers. The Drum observed that those accused of petitioning against Rev Titatang, received the greatest humiliation in their lives. Their presence and temperament were noticeable. They were suspiciously silent, reason why they were given all types of obnoxious appellations;- blackmailers, hypocrites, fraudsters and so one. Many could not understand why the transfer of Rev. Titatang Kingsley within 10 months of stay at the helm of PC Ntanfoang and Bali presbytery as a whole, but The Drum learnt that he is being victimized by his detractors.
According to many PC Ntanfoang Christians, he is being hunted because he blocked all the holes through which some church elders/workers swindled church finances for their personal gains. The Drum further learnt that during the celebrations marking 100 years of PC Ntanfoang, induction of the pioneer presbyterial secretary and the proclamation of Bali presbytery by the Rt Rev Dr. Festus Asana in 2014, in Bali the perfect organization of the event raised a lot of envy. Some church elders, according to The Drum’s investigations formed camps against him and his admirers. Every action taken by him for the success of the event generated a lot of criticism. 10 months down the lane, PC Ntanfoang faithful hold that the transfer of their pastor is the handiwork of his detractors.
Rev. Titatang Kingsley
Hundreds, The Drum learnt, have vowed to boycott all church activities if their pastor is not reinstated. They have equally blamed the Moderator of the PCC for siding with the wrong camp. The new moderator and Synod Clerk many hold, have not been equal to the task of solving the pathetic and palpitating problem rocking PC Ntanfoang Bali since their election seven months ago. Many told The Drum that they will hold the church hierarchy responsible if the church crumbles like a pack of cards. Sunday church services, according to some diehards, shall be disrupted if sanity is not restored in the church because to them, the church hierarchy is supporting crooks and sending away dynamic pastors. Many recalled that the imposing PC Ntanfoang building which has undergone complete developmental metamorphosis during the reign of Rev Titatang Kingsley has made the community proud as opposed to what obtained some seven years ago. With Bali presbytery having the largest Christian following, pastors and faithful from other denominations did joined the furious Christians to express through emotional outbursts their disappointment with the mafia going on in the mother church in Cameroon.
Though many complain bitterly against the alleged punitive transfer, according to one of the faithful Christians Madam Tanichu Christy who had once been the project chairlady of the church, it is a promotion in the pastoral life of Rev Titatang Kingsley. She believes that, any challenge in the life of a devoted man of God comes with promotion. Mrs. Tanichu referred to the Book of Malachi, which states that when a man of God preached goodness to this Christians urging them to change for the better, he suffers persecution. That is why to her, Rev Titatang is suffering from persecution and hatred.
Apart from that The Drum got hints that the appointment and transfer from the Synod office in Buea came at a time when Rev Titatang is in Switzerland for ‘Mission 21’ workshop alongside other pastors within the PCC.
Those equally transferred out of Bali are the Presbyterial Treasurer Pastor Ayaba of PC Njenka, Pastor of Bawock, Gungong etc.
Tension is reportedly mounting amongst Christians of PC Ntanfoang especially those alleged to have wished evil to the pioneer Presbyterial Secretary. But shall they boycott church services? At the time of going to the press, no comment had filtered from the PCC.
The Drum was further told that whether PCC reverses the appointment decision or not, the church shall suffer immense decline of its members because according to some faithful, the church has been polluted where the good are punished and the evil goes scot-free.
PC Ntanfoang that recently celebrated its 100 years as the mother church in the North West region seems to have been bewitched judging from recent happenings. Though the Rt Rev Dr Festus Asana prayed for it to live long, human and financial factors shall stonewall its very existence. The palpitating situation taking place in the church has sent many wondering whether, the next generation shall see and read with love what this present generation has done.
Some subdued voices have the moderator and synod clerk of attempting to put asunder what God has painfully brought together. Many wonder why a workaholic pastor like Rev Titatang should be sanctioned for doing a good job in the PCC, when others are swindlers and villains.

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