Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wat People Unite for Development, Distant Selves from Political Hatred, Anarchy

Kwande Marcel:WADECA Nat. President(in suit)
 Son and daughters of Wat village in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region have denounced political anarchy and politics of the hate. This was the outcome of a meeting that took place in Bamenda on June 6, 2015 under the chairmanship of Ta Konfor Yuniwo. During the meeting, the National President of Wat Cultural and Development Association-WADECA, flanked by HRH Fon Valentine Ngorake as well as other elite(s) frowned at the political hatred that has chopped development in the area. This was also a moment for the Fon of Wat to reconcile with Kwande Marcel Nfor, WADECA National President after the scuffle that surfaced during official inauguration of the bridge constructed by WADECA worth millions at Mbabi. In a note of reconciliation, Kwande Marcel Nfor said he was for development and that if politics is development, it should not be used to separate people and create chaos. At the end of the meeting that took place at Donga Palace in Bamenda, the people reconciled themselves with their Fon and their National President Kwande marcel Nfor. The Eye gathered that they collectively to politicians, who infiltrated them during the last elections to pilfer, slay their characters inorder to disunite the Fondom for selfish political interest. According to what we gathered, they jointly vowed to foster development efforts without any political linen. It was however revealed that WADECA Douala branch has raised FCFA 2.5 million.

Talking to this reporter at the end of the meeting, Kwande Marcel said that he would like to be remembered that he remove wit and planted fruit trees in Wat village. He also called on the people of Wat to shy away from people who plant hatred for political interest and added that if politics means development, any politician worth the salt should also have the development of his people at heart. “We will not wait for development to come, we have started the process and we will set standards”, he concluded.

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