Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 GCE Results: Humphrey Monono Messes Up Candidates Again(1)

Some 180.000 candidates sat for the General Certificate of Education-GCE (A Level and O level) are worried and disturbed over the nonchalant attitude of the Cameroon GCE Board. This is so because majority of them have not been able to get their results. The results were announced over Cameroon Radio Television-CRTV today July 31, 2015.
It has been a tradition that results are always published in Newspaper. But since 2013, the GCE Board introduced a new system whereby candidates could obtain their results through the mobile phone. Humphrey Monono argued by then that he was trying to give equal opportunities to all the candidates especially those in rural areas. With the results already published, majority of the candidates have complained bitterly that they texted the required information several times using the code (8006) that was read on radio, but did not get the feedback. Even though their airtime credit was consumed, no responses were received.
Humphrey Monono, Registrar of the GCE Board, they said is seemingly more concern with what he makes for his pockets more than their satisfaction. “He is there because we also wrote the GCE. In fact, I see this as a new form of scamming”. One of the students who said he had consumed over FCFA 300 air time in his phone complained that he sent the message severally (5 times) yet received no feedback. “Why is it the GCE Board cannot post the results on the site”, Nformi Jeanis exploded in anguish.
Students stormed newspaper sales and cyber cafes to get the results but ended up in a mess. Tongues are still waging as to why Humphrey Monono could test the system before going into any agreement with the said mobile company. Some students are wondering why the GCE Board could not make the results available in all the centres in record time. 
 Popular opinion holds that this is very poor of the CGCEB, after many criticisms and setbacks for the last two years; the GCEB can't get better options to view students’ results. To others it is horrible and Monono has failed. “What a shame to the GCE board; that results will be announced as released yet students can’t have their results on time just because somebody somewhere wants to make money out of the result

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agbor nono said...

Yes please we are all cameroonians; don't think about your self but also the students
it is a horrible thing for you to know that the results are out and you can't get access to it
yes it is a form of scamming and i say a big shame to the GCEB