Sunday, July 5, 2015

At the Administrative, Management/Stores Accounts Session: Misaje Mayor Opens Canister of Worms

Mgbata Sammy Nforkemba: The No-nonsense Mayor of Misaje

The no-nonsense mayor of Misaje Council has threatened that he will spare no efforts to expose the obnoxious practices of some councilors not only to the media, but to the powers that be if they do not decease from backstabbing and bad-mouthing.  Mgbata Sammy Nforkemba made the declaration last June 15, 2015 on the occasion of the 2014 Administrative, Management and Stores Account session of the Misaje council.
He told councilors that it is incumbent of them (councilors) to criticize his management as a spur to better performance and output but if it is for egocentric purpose, he (Mgbata Sammy) will not continue to accept it. The mayor of Misaje however exploded that “It has been proven that most of the time some councilors go to Bamenda for their salaries at month end, they carry along with them slanders for publications”. He said some them who have dived into these acts have caused damages in the council yet turn to put the blame on him. “ Mr. SDO, this may sooner than later get to exposing some of these overzealous verbose councilors not only to the media, but to the powers that be if they dare continue”. The mayor however lamented that “we cannot built Misaje by painting it black to the world, just in vain attempts for power”. He frowned at the fact that some councilors think that the entire municipality is so inferior that they deserve the first place before the municipality.
Mgbata Sammy also used the opportunity to sound a warning signal to some council workers who think that by campaigning for the CPDM, was a license to disobey and go free. “Some workers deceive themselves that since they campaigned for the CPDM party to win the council, I can’t punish them for whatever crime they commit. I tell them that nobody in this council, with me inclusive, is more CPDM than the ministers who are suffocating in prison for having acted ultraviresly”. He warned that no political lineage would cease the hammer from him given that some council workers who were supposed to be controlling stray animals in the municipality have been accused of stealing goats and sheep.
It should be recalled that after the 2013 municipal executive elections that catapulted Mgbata Sammy to the position of mayor, some councilors resisted and created a factor. The factor, we gathered has been one of the major challenges in that municipality eventhough the present mayor has often called for them to work in synergy. The constant call yield no fruits reasons why during the last council session, he took the bull by the horns to hammer on his detractors.
However, the mayor cautioned that councilors must work in synergy to improve on their results given that on the 2014 accounts investment projects covered over 67.8% up from 40% minimum recommended by law. He also observed that the accounts show the realities of the financial transactions that occurred during the year, 2014. The revenue collected in 2014, he said stood at FCFA 362.269.739 while expenditure stood at FCFA 343.962.817 with only 6.2% revenue collected locally.
(Billboard of major realizations in 2014) coming soon.

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