Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gabonese Politicians Mad at Lionel Messi for Wearing Jorts, Say Gabon isn't a Zoo

 Lionel Messi was in Gabon where he laid the foundation stone for the construction of stadium for 2017 AFCON. The way dressed has sparked widespread criticism from Gabonese politicians.
"When you're called Lionel Messi and you're a multi-billionaire, you don't have the right to present yourself to officials of a republic, even a banana one, with your hands in the pockets of a ripped, tattered pair of shorts," read a statement from the UPG party. "Gabon isn't a zoo. We don't know what the Argentine came to Gabon for, but we at least have the right to denounce his negligence and his lack of respect for standards and principles." Messi's t-shirt and sneakers were fine, but these jorts? Nah. Extremely wack.

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