Thursday, July 9, 2015

Poor Treatment of Cameroonian Girls in Kuwait: Men to March in Women High-Heel Shoes in Protest

Press Release

Bring Back Our Girls' from Kuwait Protest March in Bamenda today.
Gwain Colbert, Co-Founder of A Common FUTURE that works to propose alternative models of masculinity that are not in opposition to models of femininity and that allow men and women to share love, reproductive health responsibilities and decision-making, would this morning in Bamenda walk a KM in a woman's high -heel shoes to protest the treatment of Cameroonian girls in Kuwait and Lebanon. The protest match which is part of his current campaign against men;s violence against women will start from Bamenda's historic City Chemist Roundabout, 'Liberty Square' to the Ground-stand at Commercial Avenue and would later see him handing over a copy of the ongoing petition on social media initiated by Timothy Njobe and articulated by Tapang Ivo Tanku, to the government through North West Governor. The Walk a Km in women's high heel shoes functions with the understanding that he who wears the shoes knows where they pinch and the protest which one in a series is intended to bring to the forefront of public consciousness the plight of young Cameroonian girls suffering in the diaspora for no fault of theirs.If for any reason, you are unable to join Gwain Colbert for this protest match which begins at 11a.m., you cal also participate by signing this online petition…/petition-take-immedi…

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