Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shrine, Juju Burnt to Ashes

The shrine and one dreadful juju commonly known as “bsoh” of Boyar in Ndu sub Division which only comes out at nightfall has been burnt to ashes while the shrine has been cleared. Eye witnesses say on July 17, 2015, the Bo Nsah family of Boyar in Ndu who for years have paraded selves for having the most dreadful juju have decided to do away it for once and for all. Allegedly, this decision was taken after the family discovered that the juju has brought a lot of ill luck into their family. The family, according to what we gathered also claims that the said juju has brought many deaths in their family. The family head is quoted to have said that the process to discard away with the juju started five months ago and it was a unanimous decision by the entire Bo Nsah family. It is said that the process began two weeks ago with serious prayers. Sources also hinted that Ngala Lawrence of First Baptist Church was the person who led the prayers which according to what we gathered was intended to render the shrine powerless. On whether the family was influenced in their decision, Pa Gwei Samuel is also quoted told local radio reporters that they were not. “This shrine and its juju have brought us more harm than good”, he said when accosted. 
 It should be noted that in 2014, Fai Ndzishepngong of Mbah village in Ndu carried out a similar act even though it received widespread criticisms. Tongues are now waging in Ndu as to why certain aspects of culture and tradition are being destroyed. Traditionalists are pointing accusing fingers at some denominations for masterminding the acts. Popular opinion however holds that in the case of Bo Nsah and the Bsoh, the truth lays somewhere else given that the shrine has not been practicing witchcraft. They believe that some family members hide behind the shrine to kill others.  It is also aired that if the people of Ndu where some of these acts have been recorded give what is for God to God and what is for tradition to tradition, the quagmire will be eradicated. On the other hand, a school of thought holds that it is total hypocrisy given that some of those advocating for the destruction of shrines and jujus are not clean themselves.

By Riine Meshal with Inputs from Ngibip Bernard

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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