Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Eye Newspaper is Social Value Champion!!!


Many Thanks

We are pleased, honoured and humbled to accept this award, as well as join the past recipients who we have long admired and respected for their innovative ideas. A very special thanks to those who voted for The Eye Newspaper's "A Clean Community Program" via 2degrees and an enormous salute to all of this year's nominees, each of whom have made incredible innovative contributions in their communities and cities.

 In Africa, it is widely acclaimed that when you cross the river in a crowd, the crocodile won't eat you.
 Thank you 2degrees for making us to stand tall from the madding crowd. What a gift and stimulant to us at The Eye Newspaper that will FOREVER act as a spur for us to propagate the idea of collective efforts. Figuring out how to build resilient communities that can be responsive, incredible smart and or make people attentive about their own community is a fascinating and rewarding experience. Winning this award is the best thing that ever happened to us professionally.  None of us ever thought we could reach this level, but here we are with the world's best.  We live in a high-poverty area, and because of that we face a lot of challenges.

When the Ebola virus was ravaging lives next door, we thought of the old mothers and fathers in the villages who could not read what we write about the dreadful virus in our newspaper. It was scary. To mitigate this, we introduced this small idea of "A Clean Community". We did not only mitigate the risk, but our results were impressive, malaria was reduced due to the cleanliness, trees were planted and water catchments were protected.
 Thanks to 2degrees, this program has caught public admiration to the point that - North West Governor, Adolph Lele Lafrique - recently recommended a regional clean-up campaign competition.
 In fact, we wanted Donga Mantung to be a better place for all. Free of Ebola and other diseases like malaria, cholera etc that are linked to dirty environments. Now it is the entire North West Region of Cameroon that has joined the cause. This award therefore doesn't mean we have reached the summit; rather we see it and accept it as a challenge to be more innovative.

Thank you so much to 2degrees for representing us at this fun-filled award ceremony!

Fai Cassian Ndi


The Eye Newspaper

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