Friday, August 28, 2015

2035 Cameroon Emergence Benchmark is lazy Dr. Chris Fomunyoh Says

 Courtesy Foundation Radio (Njouny Nelson)
The President of The Fomunyoh Foundation-TFF made this observation while receiving students of the second batch program of the Executive MBA of the University of Bamenda. He justified his assertion with two points; that those who set such a target were sure that they would not be there in 2035 to render account and be judged; or simply that they were incompetent to deliver on time.He pushed his argument forward by citing countries that were less endowed in natural and human resources than Cameroon that had set early emergence benchmarks;Ivory Coast-2020 and Gabon 2035.
Dr Fomunyoh encouraged the students to have the attitude of things can be changed and rise above their diversities so that with a new leadership things may turn around for the good of Cameroon.According to the TFF President "People adjust to the leadership that they have."
Quizzed on the Anglophone problem in Cameroon he reminded that "Democracy is not only the rule of the majority but the protection of the minority."
Dr Christopher Fomunyoh remained evasive as to persistent rumours that he was aiming at Cameroon's top job-"From what I have gone through in life coming from a poor but humble background and being supported by others throughout to being what I am today;it would not be fair to God if I had the opportunity to pay back and I don't."he responded.

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