Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fru Ndi Leads Protest March Against Environmental Terrorism in Bamenda

When Hon. Awudu Mbaya submitted a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament, the CPDM foolish majority in Parliament did what they could for it to be thrown out at the last minute. The Bill was intended to protect water catchment areas, watersheds and wetlands. This is Bill was also intended to protect these areas from human activities as well as mitigate the phenomenon of climate change.

Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF chieftain took Bamenda population aback when he personally led a protest against land reclamation at Mile 4, Bamenda III council area. Councilors of the Bamenda II and III joined in the protest to express their disgust over what they described as environmental terror. Bamenda of late has recorded floods due to some of these constructions. According to HILLTOP VOICES, years back most of these places served as farm land for vegetables like huckleberries. Yet the Government delegate to the Bamenda City council is quoted to have that Fokou fulfilled all the requirements to build on marshy land. On the other hand, the administration for Mezam is disappointed with the decision of the Bamenda II council to disrupt work in marshy areas. The administration has backed the environmental terror and is even threatening court action even when it is glaring that the city council violated the law on land tenure. However, Fru Ndi has vowed that he will not be party to the destruction of marshy areas in Bamenda reasons why he had to lead the protest himself. Fru Ndi's delegation stormed the Mile 4 neigbourhood holding placards expressing their disgust.
(Photos Courtesy of Hilltop Voices)

SDO for Mezam, Fru Ndi, Mayor Bda II and III

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