Monday, August 10, 2015

Mayor Puts Prof. Edukat, UBa Officials to Task, Threatens to Lead Street Protest Against University of Bamenda

Tanjong Martin: Mayor of Tubah Council
The mayor of Tubah Council has declared that if the Faculty of Arts of the University of Bamenda doesn’t go functional this academic year, he will personally lead the population to the street to express their disgust on the nonchalant nature of UBa officials. Tanjong Martin Meshongong made the sweeping statement on August 8, during a Press Briefing on topical issues affecting the Tubah municipality. Talking to journalists in the Conference Hall of the Tubah council, Tanjong Martin decried that fact that University of Bamenda officials are not putting into use existing structures. According to Tanjong Martin, the Tubah council constructed two classrooms at CAST Bambili but the classrooms are not being used. He debunked unnecessary assertions by UBa officials that there are no structures to host such an important Faculty. It should however be recalled that two months ago, ordered some students who were on the waiting list of Higher Institute of Transport-HiTL to quit campus against Minister Fame Ndongo’s instructions. Yet Prof. Tafah Edukat is quoted to have said that the students could not be absorbed due lack of space. Tongues are still waging as to why UBa officials decided to frustrate the students. 

Topical Issues Affecting the Municipality
 Harping on the current security situation, Mayor Tanjong said that his municipality is leaving no stone unturned. He said though there is an influx of students in his municipality, the council has adopted a strategy to work with the population to ensure the safety of all. He said all landlords have been tasked to identify all their tenants and even report the presence of any strange face. Hawking in the municipality, he added has been banned and no student is allowed to habour strangers while loading of vehicles is done only at identified parks to ensure vigorous checks.
On the crisis between the Tubah Council and Bamenda III Council, Mayor Tanjong said it is regrettable that the Bamenda III council decided to invade seven public offices for reasons unknown to his council. He further disclosed that the premises in question are part of the property of the defunct South Eastern Federation council (which was made up of Bui, Ngoketunjia, Bamenda I, II, Bafut and Tubah) of the old day Bamenda Province. He wondered how Bamenda III could claim ownership over these assets. “The Tubah council he added could have its assets in other municipality”, the mayor emphasized. He described the act as ignorance and added that he will seek redress given that over 70 pensioners are being paid by the Tubah council. He however advised the Bamenda III council to seek it share of assets from the defunct Bamenda Urban council and not Tubah.

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