Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shaa Festival Kickstarts in Misaje with Zonal Finals, Sub Divisional Final Slated for Monday

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The 2015 zonal finals of the Shaa Festival is making newodef Belo Buba Maigari, take time to monstrate how shaa women can safe cons in Misaje Sub Division in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region.  This shaa festival which is in its 3rd edition is aimed at promoting hygiene and sanitation in the brewing and sales of this local liqour made from fermented corn is pulling crowd. Before handing over the prizes in Cash and material, the promoter and organiser, Ndansi Elvis who doubles as National Youth President of the National Union For Democracy and Progress NUDP took time to sensitize everyone on the risk attached. He said by applying good hygienic conditions the brewing and selling of shaa could eradicate contagious disease such as cough, tuberclosis or typhoid by washing used cups using running water from stand bucket taps. Taking himself as an example he said his grand mother sold shaa to pay his school fees so women selling shaa today should do same for their children in order to give these children the opportunity other children have got which to acquire knowledge. He equally decried the rampant early child delivery common among young girl who should be going to school and not making babies in the house out of wedlock.
So far the team has been to Sabongida, Dumbu, Bakinchine, Kamine and Kidung. a grand finals is scheduled for Monday 3& in Misaje to round up with 2015 edition that is after Nfume and Nkanchi.

 320 Liters of Shaa brought in for the competition in Kamine

 First Prize winner handed her trophy and prizes

 Ndansi Health Talks to Kamine people

 A young girl who participated and won in Kamine encouraged by Ndansi
 Winners of 2015 Misaje Shaa festival at Kamine pose with Promoter Ndansi Elvis
 First Prize winner talks to the Press at kamine

 Ndansi Elvis pays courtesy visit to the Fon of Bessa at his Kidung Palace
Prizes displayed for winners at Kidung
 Ben Colins busy enlisting participants at the Shaa Festival at Kidung
Ndansi  Health talks to Kidung people

 Demonstration on how clean cups
 Ndansi Elvis demonstrating how to clean used cups with running water from a tap bucket
 Winner of First Prize smile with fat envelop and a bucket including a trophy
 Jubilating Husband of First Prize Winner in Kidung

Ndansi Elvis and his team leaving Kidung Leaving behind a big smile

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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