Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Lord Mayor of Nwa Council is Not the CPDM Party-Section President Warns

Hon. Mbucksek addressing the crowd at Sabongari
Politics, it is admitted is a means to an end; but it is not necessarily that the end must be a groveling one. Indeed, the value of a politician must be determined, for the most part, by the greatness of its aim and the largeness of the result accomplished. Whenever politics goes with tangible results, it will not fail to be useful if handled by people with character and conscience because it extensiveness and non-interventionist will impact people positively. The CPDM party in Nwa sub Division is very far from being exemplary. This is so due to the conflict that has torn the party into pieces. That pathetic scenario resurfaced at the Mbaw Plain where the Hon. Genesis Mbucksek, the Member of Parliament for Nwa who doubles as Section President for Donga Mantung V (Nwa) warned the population not to fall prey to political tricksters whose aim is to tear the CPDM apart. Hon. Genesis Mbucksek opened the can of worms at Sabongari, Ngu and Nguri on August 10 and 11, 2015 while on a Parliamentary tour. “Anyone who is militant of the Council should know that government has not yet legalized the Nwa Council party”, he cautioned. Hon. Mbucksek hammered that the Nwa council has been transformed into an illegal political party by its present Mayor, Dr. Ngomfe Loma David who is burning with the desire to replace him at the helm of the party. “Today it is as if the council is a political party with the mayor as leader and I am the Section President of another party. Some people think they are above the law, but let me remind you that there is party discipline”, Hon. Mbucksek continued. “We should not chop and broke the pot” he insisted.

 The Sub Section President who welcomed the MP and entourage to Sabongari exploded in a two sentence speech, wondering why the Mayor and the MP cannot agree on common issues. Ndukong Samuel lamented that the Donga Mantung V Section of the CPDM (Nwa) has been transformed into a sinkhole for character assassination. “Why is it that the MP is going this direction and the Mayor the other direction”, he questioned.
Harping on the conflict that is tearing the CPDM apart, Hon. Mbucksek revealed that in 2002, he personally brought in Dr. Ngomfe into the Section on his list, “I didn’t know I was bringing in someone to come and destroy party”. According to the MP, he was embarrassed that when (he) requested support from the Divisional Officer to organized community work on the Sabongari-Nwa road, and the mayor instead went to the media to castigate them as perpetrators of modern slavery. “Hundreds of millions are sent to the council every year and right now our roads have moved from worse to worst. If the council has failed in solving road problems, we should not sit and fold our hands” he emphasized. He questioned what the council is doing with the money from the Ministry of Public Works to the point that roads in Nwa council area are in a deplorable state of nature. “Is this really the spirit of the CPDM”, he questioned.
Enter Tumasang Walters Ngang, DO for Nwa
The Divisional Officer for Nwa who accompanied the MP during the tour was categorical that “a house that is divided amongst itself can never stand”. He advised the population to respect legality. Harping on the confusion in Nwa, he said that it has reach the level that some people think they can fight the administration. Tumasang Walters Ngang used the opportunity to caution the population on the dreaded Boko Haram sect. He told the people of the Mbaw plain that they should report any suspect or strange person spotted in their vicinity to the administration, traditional ruler and or forces of law and order.  “Shine your eyes” he argued. Justifying his presence in the MP’s entourage, the DO said that the development of any area lies in the hands of the politician reasons why he decided to move with the MP. According to Tamasang Walters, he is for the general good of the population and not there to protect the interest of few individuals. The development of this area lies in the hands of the mayor and if you compare the amount that is given to the council and the FCFA 8million given to the MP, you will understand who is doing what and with what means.
Micro Project Grants
Before handing over financial support to the beneficiaries, Hon. Mbucksek said that as the hunting dog for the people of Nwa, his job is to lobby for development projects in Yaounde. He cited the Nwa Rural Electrification Project, the construction of the bridge at Ntem, construction of classrooms, administrative block and VIP toilets at GTC Ngu, benches etc.. He also handed financial support to Shi and Lih communities to acquire basic tool to maintain their road. Before handing the support he observed that though the council sees it as modern slavery, he cannot fold his hands to see the population suffering. “It is the job of the council to develop the roads but since they have failed, we must carry out the work using hand tools. Remember our fathers dug the road from Kumbo through Ndu with their hands”.  At Ngu and Nguri, the MP also donated cash to the community to work on the roads leading to the farms. He also called on the PTA of GS Ngu to recruit a teacher who will be paid by him. He will in his third and last lap visit Nwanti and Kort where he will donate bundles of zinc and cement to the communities.
It is alleged that the present political scene in Nwa is intensely progressive but practically, it has some self-centered individuals who want to set confusion, we gathered. According to confidential sources, some CPDM militants upon entering into the political scene in Nwa are said to have a hop skip-and-jump-start ambitions that is gradually tearing the CPDM in particles. The Eye gathered that some of these militants rush from one area to another with a suddenness that would have taken away the breath of an ancestor. Without any conviction that it was through moderation that the party emerged victorious since 2002, everyone seems blinded that this virtue seem unknown. It is also aired that the party has been transformed into a game of the mastiff with gigantic schemes that may kill the party. Yet we gathered that instead of working in a group with unsparing energy to accomplish large results, some militants pass off the stage of action like the vanishing of a meteor, to make room for breathless obnoxious plans pressing close upon the heels of their party comrades.
The most pathetic thing is that in the mess, a man succeeds or fails in a moment and in the next is forgotten, in the hurry and bustle of new excitement. The first is forgotten even though the results are unbeaten. And political pundits have been wondering whether the rushing  mad haste politics in Nwa is not at fever-heat, with no relaxation, no rest, no enjoyments because tribalism and clannish tendencies have taken politicians hostage. Whatever else it is, public opinion in Nwa holds that in these days any changes should not be to settle political scores but must be conducive to a beneficial result. It must have a distinctly practically bearing upon the duties of one's vocation because ever since Hon. Genesis Mbucksek was elected Section President, the CPDM results have being a mark of improvement reasons why “we are proud to show that our section President produced the best practical results since 2002” says one militant. “Another fon on his part is of the opinion that the mayor should remain mayor, while the MP who is head of the party plays his role. The crying from grassroot militants’ demand men who can accomplish results easily and quickly. However, field testimonies from militants are bound that Hon. Mbucksek has been up to the task giving that he has been instrumental both in building the party at the grassroots and made the people of Nwa to have a taste of Parliamentary goodies.

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