Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tribute to Makfu Matarna Njuh Yewong by Hon. Awudu Mbaya

Hon. Awudu
 Makfu Yes, your name is Makfu Matarna Njuh. Njuh Yewong           you reminded us each time there was a surprise. Three years ago, my wife and I requested to take you to Yaoundé as we always did in previous times, for change of environment and to avoid you going to the farms. You told us your time to die had reached and that you would not leave your Tabenken home again for anywhere not even to visit your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren whom you loved so much. We did not relent and kept on pleading because we were optimistic about you finally agreeing to go with us some day. Behold…one fine day, you accepted to stay with us in the Nkambe residence, where you were for about three months. Next step was to take you to Yaounde; so we had to devise a means all over on how to convince you about that. As such, I again began pleading with you to attend check-up in Shisong Hospital, kumbo. Again, God’s divine intervention manifested and you agreed. When you then realized you were in Bamenda, you gently held my hand and said “Tarbo’o! Honourable! wee tap magor (you are a strong man) Awe TaahKwe (you are too intelligent).” Then you continued “I know you are taking me to Yaounde or Douala, and have now accepted; let us go so I can see all the grandchildren and great grandchildren whom I have not seen for a while now.

This is how we came with you to Yaounde and lived together for three years. You were never sick whatsoever and this was confirmed by the many Medical Doctors who came to check on you from time to time. You had your tea, food, and Malta Guinness at all times. You told us stories and even spoke out your Will to us during our discussions; which we immortalized and kept very jealously.This time around we saw you gradually going. Yes a great woman, going home majestically. When you slept in bed all day that faithful Saturday, we observed you were entirely not your usual self; and when your doctors came soon after, they told us the medication given you, were just for a “soins d’accompagnement parce-qu’elle est juste fatigue;” meaning you were not suffering from any ailment, but merely wanting to rest; and they were just going to give you some accompanying sort of food and medication. They added that we should look up to God to call you at his appointed time. Commissioner Nkerbu Joseph, Mary Bichunda (your daughter), and I went into prayers. We really saw you going within a few days and nights, and we could not help but continue praying; even as Fr. Edwin N. came and gave you the last oil (as your Catholic faith demands).
It was the fifth day since you began threatening to return to our Father, and as a statesman, I had to go to the State House for President Muhammadu Buhari’s reception. I fed and stayed with you all morning after which I reluctantly took off, not knowing the time, hour, nor day you were going to return home. That faithful moment (on the 29/07/15 about 5:40 p.m.) when I received the heart-breaking news will forever be encrypted in my mind. For a moment I unconsciously cried out, then immediately realized; firstly I was not in the right place to do that, and secondly and most especially, the fact that I should not abuse God. I understood your time to return home had come and earnestly began blessing God for a full life well spent here on earth with your first, second, and third generations. If I shed my tears, it was because, truly, the umbrella that covered us was shattered. According to my own understanding at that moment.
Your teachings which can be dated way back from the time I came to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage cannot be left untold; Makfu you were such a great teacher who taught us Honesty, Sharing, Love, Hardwork, and Patience amongst many others. I will live up to all these lessons, even as you are no more. I would have loved you to live for many more years but the supreme powers belong to God who created us and His decisions are final.
Makfu, Mama Njuh, Shey. Thank you for who you were in my life. Go in peace!!

Your Son-in-law AwuduMbaya Cyprian

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