Wednesday, September 2, 2015

At 9, The Eye Newspaper Rewards Models in Political/Democratic Tolerance (PhotoNews)

 The 2013 Municipal and Legislative elections left some homes and families in fraction in Donga Mantung Division. Homes and families were shattered in the name of politics. Politics was no more that game of numbers, rather it was transformed into a sinkhole for character assassination. Influence peddling and rumour mongers helped in tearing the one-time loving people apart in the name of politics. In order to encourage political and democratic tolerance, Jury members of The Eye National Award of Excellence have introduced a program known as "Democratic Tolerance" which seeks to encourage families and homes where belonging to this or that political party is like writing a Satanic verse that leads to divine sentence. This notion has retarded development given that acute political hatred was also transformed into businesses. However, they are a few that have accepted politics as a game of ideas and not of hate. Here below are the model families and winners of the first edition of Democratic Tolerance Awards. The winners are: The Mbunkur's family, the Nforgwei's family, the Borno's family, the Cheka's family, the Shewas' family, the Balerie's family and (Bunyui Emmanuel, mayor of Ndu council who on March 24th visited CPDM militants in Nkambe at party's anniversary, Akio Augustine, Mayor of Ako/Abe Michael Ndra, MP for Ako/Misaje for exercising political tolerance)

Mbunkur Julius and Mbunkur Florence Ntombo receiving award from Clementina Njang Yong

John Nforgwei and Enoch Nforgwei
Madame Balerie Felicia and late Balerie Francis Nfor
Abdou Borno/ David Borno received by Abdou Borno

Bunyui Emmanuel, mayor of Ndu
Madame Bridgette Bolame Cheka receives for herself and junior sister Gladys Cheka

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