Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School: Effective Start in Donga Mantung Division

The 2015/2016 school year kick-started in Donga Mantung with no incident recorded. Reports from the five Sub Divisions indicated that the exercise was hitch-free. When this reporter visited PHS Nkambe, GTHS Nkambe and GSS Binshua, and GBS Nkambe, PS Nkambe and CS Nkambe we witnessed a beehive of activities that was noticed. While some students were busy copying time tables, some were already receiving lectures.
Njoh Essombe

At GTHS Nkambe, Njoh Essombe told us that about 444 students attended the morning assemble and that all the teachers were present but added that the common problem in Nkambe is that students are always reluctant to come to school on the first day. He said the majority of the students were those in form one. He decried the fact that parents don’t always like to buy textbooks for the students. Harping on the staff strength of GTHS Nkambe, Njoh Essombe said that there are 50 trained teachers in the establishment and a score of PTA teachers which make them prepared for the year. “We have qualified teachers and I think the parents should continue to have confidence in us”, he continued. He emphasized that in term of trades and specialties, after GTHS Bamenda, Nkambe is second. According to the principal, there are 13 trades in the second cycle and 12 in the first cycle. For example, GTHS Nkambe offers three major trades that are found only in two or three schools around the country. These trades include public works, topography and Bureau d’etude (BE) which implies that GTHS Nkambe is the window to Donga Mantung.
Wanyu Belinda

At PHS Nkambe, Madame Wanyu Belinda said that back to school activities started yesterday on a very sound note. She said the school administration took time to sensitize the students on academic and security issues. Given the PHS is a boarding school; the administrative staff took time to examine and cross-checked all the belongings of students to make sure that no undesirable item is brought to school. She also added that the students started their lessons as early as 7 am today morning. She also emphasized that since PHS has been producing excellent results it was necessary for them to begin well given that all that begins well ends well. Following the Moderator’s scholarship, Madame Belinda says the school has recorded a geometric increase in the intake of students this year. The scholarship she said has been given to the first 25 students who get into forms one and lower sixth class. 
The Principal of GSS Binshua, Mupmbaah Harrison told our reporters that all is set for the school year to begin. He emphasized on the fact that the turn-out was quite impressive and encouraging. However, dark clouds hover at GHS Binka given that the out-gone Principal has not yet carried out the official handing over. The school vice principles were seen busy over reorganizing time-tables while some students were spotted playing around the campus. Notwithstanding, it is hoped that before mid week, GHS Binka will be on motion.

GBHS Nkambe undergoing rehabilitation
GTHS Nkambe

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