Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back2School: 54 Schools Benefit from Minimum Package in Nkambe

Ngabir Paul Bantar addressing headteachers
 The Mayor of Nkambe Council, Ngabir Paul Bantar has called on headteachers of the 54 schools of his municipality to identify all pupils living with disabilities and special needs so much so that the council could provide assistance to them at back to school. He reminded the teachers that he dispatched circular letters to all the palaces and schools on the situation of children living with disabilities. He added that those who are not disable today can become disable tomorrow. He revealed that approximately 10.2% of the population is made up of people living with disabilities. "If we plan any development and we don't include them, we are making a mistake and we are excluding them illegally. I know there are some teachers who were trained on how to handle these children with special need". Ngabir Paul pleaded that the teachers should make sure that the data is channeled to his office as soon as possible so much so that the council can adopt a strategy to support inclusive education. He added that even classrooms should be constructed with ram-ways for the disabled "if not you are excluding them". 
Ngabir Paul Bantar made the clarion call while addressing headteachers-of Government schools in Nkambe Central. Before handing over the support worth over FCFA 8 million to the beneficiaries, the mayor called on the teachers to be vigilant during this period of the year. "The mission you have is a secret one", which is to bring up future leaders. He cautioned the headteachers not to take things for granted. "Make sure that the children you have are the regular children you have been having and watch out that they do not exhibit any signs of strange behaviour", he emphasized. He warned that nobody should take the issue of security lying down. 

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