Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Buhari Tells Ministers, Governors, Top Civil Serants That Declaration of Assets is A-Must

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that governors, ministers and top civil servants must declare their assets
President Muhammadu Buhari has made it mandatory for governors, ministers and top civil servants to declare their assets for the purpose of transparency and accountability in his political dispensation as the constitution demands.
He stated this during his visit to Ghana yesterday, 7th of September, while responding to a question from the Ghanaian press during a joint press conference with Mahama after bilateral talks at the Peduase Lodge in Aburi on how he could impress it on other African leaders and public office holders to emulate him by making assets declaration a priority in governance.
In his words:
I recall that in 1975 when late Murtala Mohammed became the Head of State, we were lined up in the corridor – governors, ministers, members of the Supreme Military Council – and officials of Ministry of Justice were brought and every individual was made to declare his assets.
“So right now, all heads of state and government, governors, ministers, permanent secretaries will have to declare their assets because it is a constitutional requirement.
“In Nigeria, it is a constitutional issue and that is why I am blaming you gentlemen of the press. If you really want to do investigative journalism, you don’t have to worry me at this stage; I have declared my assets four times.
“When I was governor in 1975, I declared. After being Minister of Petroleum and as a member of Supreme Military Council, I declared. When I was Head of State and now as a President, I also declared.
“I have declared my assets and all that I have four times, and you (the media) have the right to go and demand for my declaration. Instead, I am being harassed.”
He however urged journalists to concentrate more on gathering the facts and figures regarding his asset declaration rather than harrasing him with questions.
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