Saturday, September 5, 2015

Donga Mantung Agro Industrial Zone to Go Operational Soon SDO Says

Donga Mantung SDO, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard

The Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division has revealed that an Agro Industrial zone will be launched soon in the Division. According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Division, Ndu and Nkambe has been tipped to host the transformation zone while some areas in Dumbu, Ako and the Mbaw plain have also been tipped to serve as production zones. Mr. Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard made the revelation in Misaje on September 4, 2015 while addressing members of the Divisional Security and Administrative Coordination Meeting. The Agro Industrial Zone, the SDO said is expected to employment opportunities, attract investors and above all put into use the agro pastoral potentials of the Division. He further cautioned that the project is an initiative of government to promote sustainable development and called on traditional rulers to give the needed collaboration to make sure that it’s succeed. “There is no way you can create such a structure without good roads, electricity and other infrastructure”, implicitly, this project is expected to boost the socio-economic potentials of the Division as well as add more value to the existing agro-pastoral produce.
One of the key points during the meeting security and administrative meeting was the smooth take off of the 2015/2016. And that the security of Donga Mantung should be a collective effort given that what is happening out there in other areas

Matters Arising from the CCO

From left to right: DO for Nwa, Ako, Ndu, Nkambe, Misaje (SDO) Mayor of Misaje and 1st Assistant SDO
Ahead of school reopening of Monday, the Senior Divisional Officer also charged all the heads of educational establishments to make sure that their reports get to his service latest, mid day. After dishing out some strategies on how security will be checked in and around school premises, he called on the population to be on the alert and report any suspicious move without delay. Suspicious movements around the schools should be reported to the law enforcement officers with immediate effect, he added, emphasizing that experience has shown that most of these acts of terrorism target assemblies and places where people are gathered. Drawing experience from what happened in Nigeria, the Senior Divisional Officer used the opportunity to call on the population increase vigilance. He also gave one week for the mayors to make sure that minimum packages get to the schools to ensure proper teaching and learning. He enjoined the delegates of Primary and Secondary education to put in place measures to monitor effective take-off of schools. Road safety campaigns he emphasized should kick-start with immediate effect, he added.
After examining reports from major stakeholders, the Senior Divisional Officer frowned at the manner with which some projects are managed. A good example of such a project that seems to be operating in hiding is ACEFA which has distributed over 30 motorbikes in the Division without the knowledge of the administration. The Eye is aware that public opinion in Donga Mantung Division has been stunned with the manner of approach of ACEFA in its actions. This is so because the population and the administration are not informed on  who is doing what what, where and for whom? Yet, they expect the administration and the population to collaborate for the project successes. Besides, the SDO also warned that break-time is over and everyone has to go to work and produce the needed results. He reiterated the fact that any head of service that would not be able to produce three (3) mature projects by January 2016 will not have his credit endorsed. More SDO also challenged the five mayors of Donga Mantung to know that by January 2016, he will not endorse the budget of any mayor who cannot present five mature projects. This move by the Senior Divisional Officer to instill hardwork has been saluted by the population and other major development stakeholders.
Head of services


Law enforcement

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