Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How Prime Ministry Rescued NW FECAFOOT

Kaba Christopher

Prime Minister Philemon Yang is said to have rescued North West FECAFOOT from sinking into the doldrums after the elective general Assembly of last Monday September 14, 2015 flopped. Few delegates and apparently supporters of Kaba Christopher gathered at Mondial Hotel in Bamenda looking frustrated after they could not form a quorum. It was indicative that elective exercise may end up in a fiasco. Tension escalidated when information filtered alleging to the fact that 16 delegates who could not show up at the elective General Assembly were caged in a hotel in Bamenda and their phones were seized. This was the beginning of trouble for North West FECAFOOT lone list leader and his supporters (14 of them). Allegedly, high quarters were contacted and the Prime Minister had to make a muscular intervention for the deadlock to be broken. The phenomenon of caging electorates at election is not new in Cameroon. This is a common meal especially when the electorates are known.
However, matters came to a head when the elective General Assembly was carried forward. Classified sources say it is thanks to the timely intervention of the Prime Minister that delegates who haD vowed not to participate in the exercise resurfaced yesterday Tuesday 15, at about 11 am, an hour late to stage what observer described as electoral masquerade. Allegations are rife at that the delegates had vowed to teach Kaba Christopher and Co a bitter lesson for playing the game of the mastiff on JB Ndeh’s list by tampering on it which led to its disqualification by the Normalization Committee. Rumour mongers were on tree tops telling everyone who could give an ear that JB Ndeh’s supporters each received FCFA 500.000 as bribe with oath taking involved. Yet, our investigation revealed that the delegates were aghast with Kaba and Fortibu Hilary for stabbing their former boss on the back.The absence of JB Ndeh was indicative. Yet a source hinted that JB Ndeh was not sound and could not make up to the hall to be part of the elections.It should be recalled that some years ago, JB Ndeh and Kaba played the same game to late Pa Yong who wanted to contest for the post of President in North West. Today, the student has turned round to take on his former master.."chai power fine oo"
Matters Arising

Tafili Manus
The most interesting thing about those who want to manage football in Cameroon is that majority of them are not club owners. The North West Region has had its fair share of it with the Kaba/JB Ndeh conflict of interest. One of the delegates told this reporter that the major contenders created clubs just few months ago. Kaba Christopher we gathered created Santos, while JB Ndeh also created Santa Rangers. As to whether these teams are actually in DIV II or III remains another mystery. Yet JB Ndeh who for years groomed Kaba as his Secretary General met the unexpected when allegedly his list was tampered upon by the very people he trusted for years. But thanks to the intervention of the Prime Minister the elections finally took place with caucuses holding here and there. More so, the presence of over 40 police elements at Mondial Hotel was suspicious and intimidating. Though allegedly, the Prime Minister intervention recued North West, Kaba Christopher, the lone candidate managed to get 17 votes of the 31 eligible votes. JB Ndeh’s loyalists casted null votes. How Kaba Christopher managed to add to more votes to his credit when he could not obtain a quorum a day ago remains another worry. Kaba’s list which included Fortibu Hilary, Tabifor John as 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents respectively while other bureau members included Tafili Manus, Lialam Edward, Sah Walters, Tanyu Julius and Gung Augustine is expected to make or mar. This is so because majority of those who voted null ballots are the veritable football promoters. The team may find it very difficult to function in the present dispensation. Tambe Jonathan who played the ELECAM and doubled as Representative of the Normalization Committee in the North West is expected to quit office soon.  

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