Saturday, September 5, 2015

Meet Agho Oliver The Award Winning Most Devoted CPDM Youth

Agho Oliver honoured as "Most Devoted CPDM Youth" 
Agho Oliver is a dynamic CPDM youth who is climbing the ladder of politics with alot of dexterity. Though it is admitted by many that politics is a means to  an end; but with Oliver it is not necessarily that  the end must be a groveling one. Agho Oliver has proven that the value of a politician must be determined, for the most part, by the greatness of its aim and the largeness of the result accomplished and not what a person would gain for his/herself. Whenever politics goes with tangible results, it will not fail to be useful if handled by people with character and conscience because it extensiveness and non-interventionist will impact people positively. The CPDM party in Mezam IC is very vibrant thanks to the number of youths who have engaged into politics. 
Agho Oliver seemingly has the experience in the game of politics given that at his young age, he has served almost all the basic organs of the party. From the Cell, Branch, Sub Section and the Section, the young man has left a mark of greatness in all the positions he held. Last August 31, 2015, Agho Oliver was honoured in Nkambe as "Most Devoted CPDM Youth". Those who had the pains to travel to Nkambe to be part of this groundbreaking event would agree with this reporter that Agho Oliver stole the show. Mezam IC was noticed due to the fact that over 60 militants (dance group) dressed in Mezam IC T-shirts greased the event. In politics, leadership qualities is determined by how much followers one has. Agho Oliver when judged from that perspective is a rising young leader.
Ahead of the reorganization of the basic organs of the CPDM, Agho Oliver is seemingly the best candidate for the post of YCPDM in his section. Majority of the militants of Mezam IC sees in him, a man of the future....a suivre
Oliver and supporters in Nkambe

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