Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meet the Ghanaian Investigative Journalist That Poses as a Mad Man (PhotoNews)

A Ghanaian investigative journalist who specializes in different disguises in order to obtain information.
Social media users have been greeted with an unusual revelation about an investigative journalist in Ghana named Anas Aremeyaw Anas that specialises in several disguises for the sole purpose of gaining access to rare areas and reporting to top media houses in Ghana.
For over a decade, the internationally-acclaimed journalist has made it his mission to expose all stripes of criminals, from seedy outlaws to crooked cops to rotten public servants. What’s more incredible is how he’s done it—with inventive ruses and elaborate disguises.
Anas continues to keep his identity concealed for fear of being persecuted.

“I’m sorry,”
he apologized to an audience during a 2013 TED talk, speaking through a mask. “I cannot show you my face. If I do, the bad guys will come at me.”
See different disguises of Anas:

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