Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nkambe, Ndu, Oku, Babessi, Ndop Mayors Laud President Biya’s Decision to Pay Mayors

Ngabir Paul Bantar-Nkambe Council
Ahead of the solidarity and thankful march of the Union of Cities and Councils of Cameroon to express gratitude to President Biya for attributing salaries to Government Delegates, Mayors and their deputies, the mayors of Nkambe, Ndu, Babessi, Oku and Ndop have expressed their gratitude the Head of State for such a wise decision.
The mayor of Nkambe council, Ngabir Paul Bantar said that President Biya’s decision to attribute salaries to Government Delegates, Mayors and their Deputies is a wise decision. Mayor Paul Ngabir said the decision was timely. The mayor of Nkambe council said that he was very appreciative and would also like to express his gratitude to the Head of State for attributing salaries to mayors, deputies and additional allowances for councilors. Ngabir Paul said the decision was magnanimous and it is a welcome idea that will impact on the councils as well as the decentralization process in Cameroon.  
The mayor of Nkambe council, it should be recalled told North West Senators when they came visiting Nkambe that mayors, deputies and councilors also deserve to be paid. While others th
Bunyui Emmanuel-Ndu council
On his part the mayor of Ndu council, Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugab said that though the decision was coming a little late, it will go a long way to act as a stimulant for mayors and deputies. “It is a step in the right direction and it was long expected. Some of us thought it was long overdue”, Bunyui Emmanuel said. To Bunyui Emmanuel it was immoral for somebody to get mayors to work without a salary. “Cameroon seems to be the only exceptional country in the world where mayors were not paid and I am sure this will bring a lot of sanity to local collectivities”. He concluded that they are hoping and trusting that the decentralization fund shall be put at the disposal of the councils so that the administrative accounts are also impacted making sure that councils do not get engage in the Bafia dance. Above all, the mayor of Ndu council concluded that the decision by the Head of State was a great one and highly appreciated.
Ngum Jerome, the Mayor of Elak-Oku said he is moved by the measure by the head of state. “I cannot say it is late or whatever because it is a dream comes true”. Mayor Ngum likened the mayors to the babysitters. He said when you give the child to a babysitter, and you do not give food to the babysitter, she would be obliged to eat the baby’s food. He said President Biya has given food to the babysitters. “Before, it was enough temptation that some mayors could deep their hands into the baby’s food”.
Choh Issah- Babessi council
Choh Issah Buba, Mayor of Babessi council on his part said the decision was much more welcoming given that they have been expecting it. “You know the head of state is somebody who takes his time and when he wants to react, he does it. I am happy and I think in the days ahead we will be looking how we can even address him a motion of support”, Choh Issah said.
The 1st Deputy mayor of Ndu council Martin Fon Yembe on his part said that he happens to have been at the forefront of the struggle for the payment and remunerating of mayors, deputies and councilors. “ In March 2014, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization organized a joint training session in Bamenda grouping West and North West, it occurred that we should come up a group to fight this thing together. “We came up with Cameroon Union of Anglophone Councilors but when we brought it up in Bamenda, a top official of MINATD advised us against using the word “Anglophone-so we formed the Association of North West Councilors. As we started advocating for our rights, some people started politicizing it, some said it was an opposition issue. Many of the CPDM mayors dropped out. Though some dropped, we had some mayors of the Littoral joining the cause. And again we changed the name to the Coordination of mayors and councilors of Cameroon”.
The coordination according to Martin Fon Yembe came out with the programme to carryout strike actions
Ngum Jerome-Elak Oku council
and the strikes were manifested in Yaounde. The Ministry he said intervened and promised but when the coordination issued a communiqué stating that the councils will be sealed, they also looked at the security threats and dropped the idea of shutting down councils. “We give kudos to CODIMAC and we will not fail appreciating the fact that the Head of state has done this. It is very important”. He said that it is also necessary for CODIMAC to appreciate this decree and “we think that the Head of State has taken time to study this given the fact that we have waited patiently”.
Mayor Mbombo Abel of Ndop Council on the other hand sees the decision as the major step to accompany decentralization process. “I think we should all sign a motion of support to the Head of State for this wise decision”, Mbombo Abel says.

Mbombo Abel-Ndop Council

Martin Fon Yembe-1st Deputy Mayor Ndu Council

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