Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NUL 40th Graduation: Bravo "Ma Meilleure Amie"-Lomile Ramakatsa

Lomile Ramakatsa: The Teacher
Rudyard Kipling once said that “if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat the two the same, yours is earth and everything that is in it”.  There is no doubt that Kipling had in mind the success story of  the brilliant young girls who have stood the taste of time to accomplish their dreams. Rudyard Kipling surely had this inspiration from the obstacles and barriers young girls repeatedly defeat to get to prominence especially in a masculine dominated world.

This inspiration ties with "Mon meilleur ami" (My best Friend) an Italian movie which explores the challenges of friendship and the challenges we seek to attain to reach life-goals. I like this movie because the main character in it Francois had only 10 days to learn about the "three S's" in life – that is being sociable, committed and genuine.
In fact life is like a blanket because once you pull it up, your toes rebel, you haul it down and shivers meander about your shoulder; but cheerful people manage to draw their knees up and pass a very comfortable night in it says Marion Howard. If you are looking for someone has been able to draw her knees up and had passed comfortable nights in her blanket, I know one. Her name is Lomile Ramakatsa. Her intelligence is a historical object. I feel she is going to be the most trusted teacher of the 2,160 graduands of last September 26, 2015 (40th graduation ceremony) from the National University of Lesotho-NUL. After
Nothing more than Mama's love
spending four years without pulling or hauling the blanket of books, Lomile entered into records last weekend as she bags a
Bachelor of Education (in English Language and English Literature). Nothing defines a gentle lady than her dedication to accomplish something. She has always admired Ph.D holders and she is now inspired to be one.  That she graduated from NUL last Saturday September 26th in flying colours was thus not surprising to those who know of what stuff she is made.
What is important about this young and talented female young graduate is that her brain is a relic which makes her a webster. She falls within the ranks of the new breed of young women born with extra abilities to surmount all sorts of barrier to emerge successful. If we go by Albert Einstein who declared that genius is 1/10 inspiration and 9/10 perspiration, Lomile Ramakatsa is a genius. This means that for somebody to be termed a genius that person must be a workaholic. In this light, Lomile merits to be mentioned first among women celebrities if not the story of women who young girl look up to as role models will remain unfinished. What inescapably catches your attention when you first meet Lomile is her striking elegance. Being a gentle woman of the modern generation, she knows only too well what good, attractive outfit does to polish a teacher’s image. And so she
It takes years of hard-work to smile
never hesitates to put on the best outfits, the most fashionable, the flashiest and the snazziest of shoes. Take it for overconfidence and you are wrong because you won’t fail to turn behind to look at her again in admiration that she is really prepared for her job as a teacher. But there is more to this substantial personality that Lomile is than just stylishness. This is principally so when we take into consideration her brilliant educational background and the efforts she deployed to stand out of the madding crowd of women…Bravo and Congratulations "Ma meilleure amie" (My best Friend).


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