Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ahead Reorganization of the Basic Organs of the CPDM: A Heavyweight Joins Mezam I

Adolf Chinje Ndikum
He is son of late Councilor A.K Ndikum alias Tebe, the great politician who is said to have changed the face of politics in Bamenda. He was a charismatic and flamboyant political icon.  Adolf Chinje Ndikum (son of late Councilor AK Ndikum) who returned home after several years in the United States of America has decided to have a jump-start in politics with the ruling CPDM party in Mezam I B. Harping on why he has decided to enter into active politics, Adolf Chinje Ndikum said that he has a keen interest in development and looks to make an impact that’ll have a positive effect on the Bamenda man. “I feel God has helped me this far and I want to give back through politics what will be favourable to development. And I think the CPDM offers that platform” he said.
He further stressed that “I want to begin from where my dad ended. He was a very successful politician but he did not reach the hallmark and my desire is to reach the hallmark. I also want to bring the experience I have gathered during my stay in the United States to add to have I met so that we could foster development efforts”.
He said he was inspired by the vision of the Head of State, President Paul Biya and the people-people approach adopted by Mezam I Section President Paul Nji Atanga. “I was so touched the first day I met the Section President, Minister Paul Atanga Nji. In fact the euphoria was splendid given that I had always admired his ways of playing politics in Bamenda”.
Someone once said that what makes a hero to earn his distinctive quality and title of being a champion is judged from where he started. This is nearly unattainable with some politicians nowadays; however, it may not be the case with Adolf who has teamed Cletus Matoya ahead of the reorganization of the basic organs of the CPDM in Mezam Ib.
Impressionists are already pointing a finger at one defining trait that would make him earn his label as a pragmatic politician. What is important about Adolf Chinje Ndikum is that he is an easygoing man, down to earth and rich in expedients. He has the thoroughness that is very rare in some politicians. Meet him for a politician discussion and you would understand that you have met a refined politician. He is the kind of politician that is flexible, pragmatic and is ready to press onward moves and admit others political views. This primary symptoms of his political genuinely, we gathered has ignited hopes in Mezam Ib given that Adolf is expected to add more impetus to animate politics in the section. “The presence of politics” Adolf observed “is not always noticeable to those it affects, but the whole lot one interacts with is affected by politics”. He further stressed that development politics can be found as one is driving a car or sitting at home watching television. “A straightforward way to see politics is to recognize it is in your life at all times”.

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Like father, like son. This is very good news. I wish him much success.