Friday, October 9, 2015

Bamenda to Host The SODONWREG Awards 2015

The event is expected to bring together Cameroonians who have distinguished themselves during the year under review (2014/2015). Societal role models will be receiving awards in different categories for their contributions in nation building.  The Sons and Daughters of the Northwest Region Awards-The SONDONWREG AWARDS) according to its organizers is scheduled for December 31, 2015 at the Bamenda Congress Hall. McDonald Nchotu says SONDONWREG Awards recognizes Cameroonians who have distinguished selves both at home and the Diasporas. “SODONWREG ACADEMY AWARDS is an annual Cameroon Awards event aimed at recognising and honouring achievements, talents, and contributions in the Arts, Entertainment and creative industry of the people from the NORTHWEST region both in the diaspora and in Cameroon.” In recognizing hard work, promoting excellence and rewarding merit, SODONWREG Awards will be setting standards for an emerging Cameroon.
Established in 2014 in the UK by M.E.K Entertainment Ltd expectations are high at that it will help in promoting the image and culture of Cameroon as well as encourage and stimulate the growth of talents in the various domains. This year’s event will also see has come to create a forum for Cameroonian role models in the Diasporas who change and save lives every day in their communities all over the nation.
Above all, what makes the SODONWREG different is that it is an awards that also recognizes young Cameroonian employees who work their hearts out at their jobs, talents who really bring change into the communities where they live, serve, and also, entrepreneurs who not only become successful in their businesses but also translate that success into their host communities and make positive impacts.
The truth is, Cameroon is a “Land of Promise” with great potentials and such an endeavour will surely portray, that the country has a long way to go as a nation, united in peace, well-being and prosperity. Initiatives like this one popular opinion holds will figure out the unsung heroes and encourage them given that the high, mighty and famous have had lifetime awards. SODONWREG we gathered is making the dissimilarity by bringing onboard the unsung heroes who have made a mark in changing lives through their works, talent and or creativity.
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