Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Clash Between Traditionalists and Christians Leaves Four in Critical Conditions-See Shocking pics

 An atmosphere of uncertainty looms in Baba I village (Ngoketunjia Division) following last Sunday October 11, 2015 clash between four traditionalists and Christians of Union Eglise Baptiste du Cameroun. According to what we gathered the long accumulated grievances exploded last Sunday when four traditionalists (perhaps members of the “ngumba”) stormed the church premises to express their disapproval on certain practices. Matters came to a head when the encounter generated into a bloody confrontation. Sources say the over 50 members of the congregation administered the four men snake beating that almost kicked out the ghost out of them.

The most barbaric side of it happened when three of them were sprinkled with acid in the eyes. Evacuated and placed under intensive medical care in Bafoussam, reports say one of them may lose all his two eyes while two others may lost one eye each. One of them is also reported to have sustained a very delicate injury on the head. However, Moh and Tantidi were reported among the four who have been evacuated to Bafoussam.
When this reporter visited Union Eglise Baptiste du Cameroon, the church doors were sealed. Ashes of some mattresses and objects that were set on fire were still visible at the church entrance. It is alleged that of the items destroys were packages of used and unused condoms. However all attempts to get to the pastor of the church to get his own side of the story were not fruitful.
Allegations are rife at that the incident erupted from the fact that the church has been attacking traditional institutions. Another school of thought holds that ever since that church entered Baba I, thievery and prostitution is on the rise. (To be continued as well continue to dig into the incident)



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