Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hon Esther Ngala Spoils Ndu Population with Micro Project Grants/ Parliamentary Goodies

Hon. Esther Ngala

The Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre, Hon. Esther Ngala has extended a hand of fellowship to villages in Ndu Sub Division. During the Parliamentary tour, the MP donated to communities, schools and churches. Hon. Esther Ngala donated tins of cement, zinc, water pipes, and loads of sand, balls and didactic materials students. From Ntamruh to Ngasbuh Catholic Church down to Ntabah, Wowo, Nsih O Doh, Mbandfung and Mbakfu, the euphoria that salted the MP and her entourage was full of fanfare. After donating bundles of zinc to the above localities, she doles out bags of cement to Njipkfu, Mbarcourt, Ndu central, Mbutsasing, Jirt-Tengteng, Upper Karkar, 3 corners Karkar and Government Nursery school Sehn. Besides, Hon. Esther also donated loads of sand to GSS Ntundip and handed zinc to GS Ngarum II. At Talla, Ntabah and Mbandfung, she donated water pipes to the communities. Flanked by Ngabah Eric, the SDF district chairman for Ndu, the team donated zinc to Mbajeng, Njifor, GTC Wowo before tons of cement to GNS Mangu and CBC Njilah.
During the tour, Hon. Esther Ngala told the population the role they have to play in community development as well as in maintaining peace and security. She used the occasion to call on the village vigilant groups to shine their eyes and report any suspected individual to the administration for immediate action. Hon. Esther Ngala also sounded a warning on the phenomenon of child labour and trafficking ' times are changing and it now forbidden for you to give out your kids rob people you don't know. Send them to schools; we have schools in all the areas' she emphasized. On the education of the girl child, she was categorical that when you educate a girl, it is the entire nation that benefits. "I have observed that young boys are dropping out of school for okada work and I feel it is not good", she added.
Talking to this reporter after a tour of the over 12 localities, Hon. Esther Ngala said that the issue of farms to market roads and access to health facilities remains a major preoccupation. It should be recalled that prior to back to school; Hon. Esther held an evaluation meeting with members of WINSUCAM with over 450 women in attendance. After the distribution of 1450 bags of fertilizers, she also doled out basic school materials to members as support at back to school.

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