Monday, October 5, 2015

Moukoko Mbonjo Sacked While Representing Biya at UN

Moukoko Mbonjo addressing the UN

Moukoko Mbonjo Cameroon's minister of external relations represented President Biya and Cameroon at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA. Yet he was sacked from office while on mission.  It is alleged that Mokoko was fired because of the unpredictability in his administration of the onetime decent International Relations Institute of Cameroon, IRIC which recorded several scandals. A certain Messanga Nyamding is quoted to have said on a radio station in Yaounde in Cameroon that Moukoko Mbonjo was preparing to at the United Nations the next day (October 3) 4 Hours after being sacked from office. Public opinion is wondering whether President forgot that Moukoko was at the United Nations. 
In Nigeria for example, Buhari presented a list of his government to the Senate. Some were readjusted. Could it happen in Cameroon? a school of thought holds that it is unfair for President Paul Biya to sack a minister and proceed to change the government without explaining beforehand to the sovereign people in whose name it is supposed to carry out all actions. Mr. Moukoko Mbonjo left of Cameroon for a mission in New York. He traveled in first class. His accommodation, feeding and shopping were taken care of by taxpayer and he is sacked when in full plenary ready to fulfill the objectives of his New York mission. This to Impressionist is ridiculous

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