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Race for CPDM Section Presidents: Hon. Njingum Warns Against Violation of Text, Manipulations, in Donga Mantung

Hon. Njingum Musa, President of the CPDM Divisional Electoral Commission for the reorganization of the basic organs in Donga Mantung Division has warned against manipulation, influence peddling and buying of votes. Hon. Njingum Musa made the statement in Nkambe during an official launching of the reorganization process. “The CPDM is a party of discipline”, he continued. In his capacity as the head of the Central Committee delegation to oversee the process, he also said that the guidelines should be strictly respected by all and sundry. He cautioned CPDM militants of Donga Mantung Division that the Promised Land is not far but may take a million years for them to get there if they are not in unison.
According to Hon. Njingum the reorganization process is intended to strengthen the party and not to tear it into pieces. “Ask yourself why you joined politics”. He used the occasion to shower President Biya with praises in his relentless efforts in the fight against Boko Haram. “Let use our intelligence to ensure there is peace”.
On his part the “Interim” Section President Gerard Ngala in a very short speech promised that the process was to be peaceful in Donga Mantung Division. “We know the text is very clear-we will follow the text” Gerard concluded.
Matters Arising
The guidelines as to who should contest for the position of section President remains a cause for concern in the Division. Yet, Hon. Njingum many say misfired in his interpretation of President Biya’s text on who is qualified to contest for section President and who is not. Whether it was an aberration or error, the decision we gathered may back-fire like the case in Santa. Notwithstanding, the race for the position of section President could be ugly in some sections in Donga Mantung Mantung Division.
Nwa:  Fire for Fire between Hon. Mbucksek and Dr. Ngomfe
Dr. Ngomfe waiting spite fire
It is now clear that the incumbent CPDM Section President for Nwa, Hon. Mbucksek will clash with his mayor Dr. Ngomfe Loma David in the polls. This is so because attempts by Hon. Njingum for Nwa to produce a consensus list flopped. According to what we gathered, Dr. Ngomfe vowed that if that were to happen, he should take the lead given that party text provides the older. Ngomfe we gathered had dropped the idea of sponsoring Pastor Demien and decided to take the bull by the horns. Hon. Mbucksek we learnt has also vowed that the exercise will determine as to who is who in Nwa. Whether he is the boss or its Ngomfe? It is feared the exercise may turn confrontational given the tension on both sides. Simon Tamfu who is heading the Central Committee team to Nwa is expected to be very tactful in validating voters given that CPDM cards came to that section through varied means. This is likely to be a hot potato if care is not taken.
Ako: Kuta versus Lower Mbembe as Hon. Ntoi Imposes Son
Venia Ernest, the outgoing YCPDM President has stood his grounds
Ntoi Eugene: To make or marr
against the Kuta domination. Yet Ernest aware of the fact that he was tricked by Hon. Abe Michael in his game plan is reported to have also vowed that Ntoi Eugene will only crush him at the polls not through influence. However, Hon. JK Ntoi is quoted to have said that Kuta and Upper Mbembe are in support of his son as section President and nothing would stop him from winning. Yet Ntoi Eugene’s eligibility is being put to question by pro Venia Ernest. At Press time, it is aired that the unexpected is likely to happen in Ako. Adamu Musa, the Yali Boy is head of the Central Committee to Ako and he is expected to reconcile the tension between Lower Mbembe and the Kuta area if not it may pour for the CPDM in Ako for once and for all.
Ndu: Blackmailers Bounce Back, Backtrack
Abdou Borno: Facing detractor
Donga Mantung II Section Ndu is potty in intrigues. This is the characteristics of the politics in Mbum land with variation in who is doing what and for what. Abdou Borno Kamfon was the early bird and since early birds supposedly usually eat the fattest worms, influence peddlers we gathered have jumped in at the last minute on grounds that he was never an exco member in Donga Mantung II. Pro Borno are pointing accusing fingers at the CPDM old guards. Yet another controversy is that the outgoing youth President John Ndi Ngala, may resign from the reorganizing committee for an elective position. The Eye is aware that this was a calculated move to frustrate his attempts to becoming section President. The outgoing Section President, it is alleged may spring surprises in Ndu. Loyalists to Hon. Kwalar see no reason why he should not be given that privilege to always be remembered as Section President. Dr. Mpoche Kisito, is the man to lead the Central Committee team to Ndu. Aware of the political intrigues, he is expected to be tactful given that petitions we gathered have already been prepared and would be lodged the soonest possible.
Nkambe: Set for One Man Show
Kila Godlove: Eyeing YCPDM
Ever since the present Mayor of Nkambe, Ngabir Paul Bantar doled out the position of Section President from his pocket and handed to Gerard Ngala, (he, Gerard) became “interim” section President on a platform with no concrete definition. With the reorganization of basic organs in the offing, it is believed that if “interims” were taken care of by the text, Gerard Ngala will surely be the lone candidate. Yet skeptics at the Central Committee have been wondering whether such a gimmick was authenticated. However, caught in the CPDM web is Kila Godlove, the dynamic young man who rightly or wrongly was named in the reorganizing team for Nkambe whereas he has been aspiring for the post of YCPDM President. This, it is alleged was a calculated plan to deprive him from contesting given that per the last decision by the SG, Jean Nkwete, any candidate whose resignation letter is not endorsed by the Secretary General would be disqualified. Ngi Christopher is known to be strict yet would have to interpret the text well if not he would be hooked in the gimmicks.
Misaje: Consensus Imposed
Babayo: Eyeing YCPDM
The 2007 scenario may not happen in Misaje. This is so because allegedly a certain Pa Nyako has been tipped as the lone candidate for the post of Section President. The incumbent, Sammy Mgbatta following the gentleman agreement will not contest. Yet fears abound that the Nkenda factor may spring surprises to declare a candidate for the position of Section President. Abubakar Babayo from Dumbu we gathered is likely to win the position of YCPDM. Having resigned from the SDF recently, he is one of the major contenders for the post. Allegedly, some CPDM militants are against the fact that Babayo should contest with the text favours him. A school of thought holds that Dr. Fuh Calistus’ decision for a consensus list maybe challenged for a imminent clash pros and cons. Yerima Peter, is the head of the CPDM commission to Misaje, and he is expected to validate all the candidates without fear or favour.

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