Thursday, October 22, 2015

Southern Cameroons Restoration Rally Sparks Fury in Bamenda, Human Rights Activists Haunted

 By Fung Edmond
Evangelist Ngwa Aaron (PIC courtesy of Hilltop Voices)
On October 15, 2015, a certain Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh allegedly stormed the Bamenda Grandstand to stage managed what, he later described as the Southern Cameroons restoration rally. Unlike most SCNC meetings which are always held in hiding for fear of police arrests and detentions, this one took place at the Bamenda Grandstand. Tongues are still waging in Bamenda how a handful of people could declare the restoration of the nationhood of Southern Cameroons in a place guarded by soldiers without being chased away with clubs.
However, Evangelist Ngwa who claims the status of Interim President of Southern Cameroons is quoted to have declared that “The spirit of the lord is upon me to bring good tidings to the oppressed, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to proclaim liberty to the chained, to restore sight to the blind and to declare liberation to the deaf and the dump”. In one of his points, he revealed that in April 2013, the UN came out with a definitive document and an ultimatum on the restoration of Southern Cameroons. Going by the document according to Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh, no union took place between southern Cameroons and la Republique in 1961 reasons why he recently declared himself “Interim President” of Southern Cameroons.
Evangelist Ngwa who was accompanied by the “takumbengs” (old mothers) on that day, it should be recalled staged a similar show on May 20th, 2015 with a handful of his supporters at Ndamukong Street in Bamenda where he declared nationhood of the Southern Cameroon restored. The said declaration was followed by the formation of an executive government, a fifty man advisory council(with status of parliament),diplomatic missions and some governors to function for two years and organize democratic elections. Many have been questioning whether, Ngwa Aaron is not a provocative agent given that several activists have been arrested and detained for participating in SCNC activities. Yet Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh claims the government of la Republique du Cameroun and the international community are all aware of his activities reason why his programmes are uninterrupted by the Yaoundé regime. 
Yet classified sources say policemen have launched a man-hunt in search of a leading youth human rights activist who absconded from incarceration.
Agwe Walter, a human rights activist according to the hint has been blacklisted for allegedly involved in sensitizing some SCNC activists on human rights related issues some years ago. A close family member said that ever since Agwe escaped from police custody, security officials have been interrogating his wife on his whereabout. Presently, a good number of young men have been arrested for involving in the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, pressure group fighting for the restoration of the state hood of Southern Cameroons. It was apparently on this note that Agwe Walter thought it wise to go out of the country and take refuge in Europe or America where human rights is respected.

 Agwe Walter it should be noted is a holder of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Animal Biology and Physiology from the University of Yaounde 1 and a certified secondary and High school science/Biology teacher. While working for a Human Rights Organization, he also taught Biology in a public High schools in Cameroon for 6 years before the unfortunate situation with the police forced him to escape.
Being wanted  because of his human rights activities, human rights activists are afraid because of possible persecution, arrest, torture and threats of life because of his membership in a renowned Cameroon based Human Rights Defence Group, HRDG. Human rights crusaders are worried over the constant harrasment of his wife by security elements. It should be noted that since 2009 Agwe Walter has always been in several detention centres for over his Human Rights activities. His family fears that with the recent arrests of SCNC activists and continuous presence of security men in their compound, things could be complicated for him if he comes back home.
Having been a member of HRDG, Agwe Walter was often given the opportunity to present talks on human rights activities in political rallies, youth associations and most especially in schools where he sensitized the youths on their rights among others.
HRDG activities it should be noted are involved in humanitarian services like frequenting prisons and detention centres, giving support to prisoners and detainees, fight against human rights abuses and fight for freedom of the press, associations among others. It was because of all these that the founder of the Cameroon based Human Rights Defence Group (HRDG) Albert Womah Mukong, had always been in detentions in prisons across the country. Reason why he published his book “Prisoner without a crime”.

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