Monday, October 12, 2015

WICUDA Recycles EXCO at Weekend

Shey Henry

The Wimbum Cultural and Development Association-WICUDA has just emerged from the doldrums. Surprising, WICUDA national which many thought had sank into a comma held its elective General Assembly in Nkambe at weekend in Nkambe. After having hibernated with the Wimbum Cultural Festival which started and ended over the internet, much is being awaited as December draws nearer. Aware of the fact the executive was hooked by the troublesome tendency and political hatred that has of late characterized “Nwembum”, the old executive was just recycled. Shey Henry was again given trust to break the troublesome myth. He will be assisted by Chris Njowe while Manjong Sixtus was reconfirmed as Secretary General of WICUDA.  
As a matter of principle, the old executive was completely recycled. However, traditional rulers who took the pains to attend this year’s elective general assembly expressed disgust over the clannish tendencies in Mbum land. What is however pathetic is that traditional rulers who are supposedly custodians of tradition want that aspect of tradition completely ignored. They claim the clans have divided the Wimbum (Nwembum) and not unite. Notwithstanding, WICUDA issued a clarion call for collective efforts and also called on the villages without fons to make sure that the palaces comeback to life. In order to collective see that all artifacts in Mbum land are not burnt as has being the case in some areas, WICUDA general assembly endorsed a project to construct a museum in Nkambe. This we gathered will rescue artifacts from the pangs of those who have been advocating that all be set on fire.

Complete Exo
Shey Henry: President
Chris Njowe: 1st vice president
Tanwarong John: 2nd vice president
Dr Usman : 3rd Vice president
Manjong sistus Secretary General
 Ndi Ignatius Vice secretary
Ali Samuel Financial secretary
Tangiry Victorine: Treasurer
Sekwi Wilson: publicity secretary
Jato Gaius: organizing secretary

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