Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wum Council Public Hearing: Dighambong Anthony Hailed for Innovative Ideas

Dighambong Anthony Mvo
The population of Wum council area has applauded Dighambong Anthony Mvo for transforming lives in the municipality. The mayor of Wum, Dighambong Anthony was hailed during a Public Hearing that took place in the Conference Hall that council on September 30, 2015. Speaking at the groundbreaking event, the Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum Emvoutou Bita Benoit William congratulated the council executive for instilling governance in its approach to reach out to the population. This, the Senior Divisional added is a step to building a solid base for transparency and accountability.

Welcoming participants Dighambong Anthony said the Public Hearing is intended “seek ways of having continuous meaningful dialogue with all major stakeholders in the municipality, in order to keep improving livelihood of the citizens” of the municipality. To Dighambong, the council session will serve as a springboard for representatives of major stakeholders in the municipality to air their worries as well as make proposals. Coming barely two months to the 2016 budgetary session, Dighambong Anthony called on all the stakeholders to make reasonable contributions that will go a long way to impact lives positively in the municipality. “As we prepare for our budget session in less than two months from now, your earnest proposals would enable us put in place a memorable and realistic budget in the 2016 financial year. We cannot do all, your criticisms at times do build us, for I know for sure that some people will always throw stones on our path. It depends on what we make with them, a wall or a bridge?” The forum of ideas brought together administrative heads, traditional rulers, leaders of development associations, NGOs, religious leaders, leaders of youth groups and community based organizations.
Matters Arising
VIPs: DO for Wum, SDO Menchum, Mayor Wum council, 1st Deputy mayor, 2nd deputy mayor
Some of the pertinent issues raised by stakeholders included amongst others the lack of public toilet at the Wum council market, need for community work on the Befang-Wum stretch of the Bamenda ring road, the consumption of locally made produce, the palace rehabilitation programme etc. Stakeholders also debated on the various strategies to protect the small patches of forests in the municipality given the looming threats of climate change. Reacting to the problems raised by stakeholders, Dighambong Anthony said that the process embark on the filling on potholes on the bad spots of the ring road is underway. According to the mayor, Wum council has already made available its contribution which stands at 600.000 FCFA. On the rehabilitation palaces, the mayor revealed that the council has earmarked FCFA 1million for the rehabilitation of the Aghem palace.  The tailor’s union, barber’s union and hairdressers union decried that they may soon go out of business due to heavy taxes. Reacting to the worries raised by business partners, the Chief of Taxation explained procedures involved and added that it is from the taxes that the municipality will be able to carryout development projects.
The council police also decried that the administration is form of violating municipal orders especially the parking orders. Wum council was also asked to earmark support for people with disability living in the municipality given that they too have their needs. While the population was eager for OIC to open its doors so that youths could be empowered in various trades. This would help stimulate grow and new orientations in the municipality.
One of the major highlights was the internship report by some students of IRIC whose contributions in data collection and updating of the council internet site were applauded by everyone.

Dighambong Anthony flanked by Aghem fons

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