Monday, November 16, 2015

Budgetary Session: Nkum Council Adopts FCFA 645,840,320 For 2016

 By FC N
Suila Aruna

Councilors of the Nkum council have adopted the sum of FCFA 645,840,320 at last Friday’s budgetary   and exceeds the minimum percentage required by law. Quoting President Obama who regards innovations as “game changer” in describing the new status for mayors, deputies and councilors, Mayor Suila Aruna called on councilors to adopt best strategies to meet these exigencies. “We therefore have to look further and wider; we have to be performant, else we risk to miss the political train”.
session. Addressing councilors, the mayor of Nkum Council Suila Aruna said that the investment budget covers some FCFA 280,500,000 which is above 47%
Talking o journalists, the mayor of Nkum said that his council has drawn up an investment plan for 2016 and with priority projects shortlisted. Some of these projects include;

  • ·         Completion of the Tatum water project

  • ·         Construction of Buh Integrated Health Centre

  • ·         Maintenance of Takija-Kuvlu road

  • ·          Construction of a foodstuff shed, VIP toilet and a well in the Tatum market

  • ·         Rehabilitation of rural road Dzeng-Kifem-Ndzevru-Tatum

  • ·         Construction of a slaughter slab in Taum

  • ·         Supply of 195 benches to schools

  • ·         Revamping, creation and training of water management committees

  • ·         Construction of two classrooms each at GS Buh, GS Kishong, GS Sahnyar, GS Dzeng, GS Mbamsong, GNS Kifem and GNS Wooh Mbam

  • ·         Lobby for the creation of a Govt Sub Divisional Hospital in Tatum

  • ·         Construction of two classrooms at GNS Kishong

  • ·         Purchase of administrative car for the council

  • ·         Maintenance of Sahnyar-Mbiim-Bassee road

  • ·         Construction of ventilated pit latrine at Lydada hall

  • ·          Supply of electricity to Mbamsong village

In his concluding statement, the 1st Assistant SDO for Bui, enjoined councilors for their sense of maturity in voting a realistic budget. He also called on councilors to work hard to ensure that council revenue is increased to meet the present day challenges.

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