Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CPDM Reorganisation: Plans to Fustrate Ubangoh Helly Candidature Flops

Ubangoh Helly
With reorganization of the basic organs of the CPDM in the offing in Momo Division, a revolution is about to take place in Ngie. Sources say members of the list( titled " The People's List) headed by Ubangoh Helly for the Post of Section President and those of the auxiliary wings, the YCPDM and WCPDM have just been interviewed by the Divisional Coordination Committee for Momo. Alleedly, Dr. Agharih and Mr. Awetua had attempted to use Senator Awanga Zacharie and Hon. Enwi Francis to again frustrate a popular choice. Yet met stiff rock as their list have been rejected because the lists were presented after the deadline. Ahead of Friday's elections, popular opnion allegedly puts Helly's lists for both WCPDM and YCPDM on lead. Sources linked to the CPDM regional Committee hinted that Ngafesson Emmanuel wedded in for the candidates to reach a consensus. As indicated above, Ubangoh Helly was chosen as head of the list. Implicitly, he is the new Section President for Ngie 

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