Friday, November 6, 2015

Fuh Calistus Launches FAINAP, Kick-starts Industrial Revolution in Donga Mantung

 By Fai Cassian Ndi

Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, distinguished founder of the Frontier Agricultural and Industrial Programme- FAINAP called on the people of Donga Mantung Division set aside their political differences inorder to forge for sustainable development. Dr. Fuh Calistus made the clarion call while launching FAINAP activities in Nkambe, on November 4, 2015.
In his launching speech, Dr. Fuh Calistus said that FAINAP in its entirety is a non-governmental organization, non religious, non tribal and an apolitical organization which focuses on the development of Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. According to Fuh Calistus, the organization seeks to reinforce and empower farmers as well as support them with adequate and relevant facilities. The support, he said will tackle production, transformation and marketing of farm produce.
Harping on the various speculation that have been chosen, Minister Fuh Calitus told the population that FAINAP has the mandate to boost the maize, cassava, cattle, beans and the palm sectors. Furthermore, he added that clusters of production would be created in the five sub Divisions which will be managed by a local committee. He used the ocassion to announce that some 40.000 chitted palm nuts will be bought to set up nurseries in the coming months. Besides, he also called on the fons of Donga Mantung Division to allocate land for the creation of the clusters which will also provide jobs for the youths. Through this method Dr. Fuh Calistus said that Donga Mantung farmers will add value to what they produce as well stimulate the imminent creatioon of an agro industrial zone. “If Government created the Ndu Tea plantation, it is because we have the potentials and if Government created the Dumbu Cattle Ranch, it is also because we have the potentials”. Accordingly, he continued that Donga Mantung will become an industial powerhouse in the country producing, transforming and commercializing several quality produce ranging from palm oil to grid, starch and dairy products.

On his part the Secretary General of FAINAP, Adamu Musa used the opportunity to extend a motion of thanks to H. E President Paul Biya for reappointing Dr. Fuh Calistus in a strategic ministry during the cabinet reschuffle that took place last October 2, 2015. To Adamu Musa, the project has kick-started the Donga Mantung industrial revolution. “We shall also take the advantage of the strategic position of Donga Mantung Division vis-a-vis our giant frontier neigbour, Nigeria”. On how the project will get its funding to carryout this vast vision, Adamu Musa was categorical that the successes of the FAINAP will attract goovernment and many international funding organization to provide assistance for the sustainability of the project. He expressed gratitude to Dr. Fuh Calistus for his innovative ideas who has generously done his part and “ the ball is in our court. The big question now is shall we make or mar”?
Another speaker Ruth Ali Eno thrilled the population with her expertise in project management and the expected results of the project. While Mabu Finian handled the commercial and transformation part given his wide experience in East Africa in working for a similar project.
Another key point at the launching ceremony was the handing of the belated “Lifetime Achievement Award” of The Eye Newspaper to H.E Dr. Fuh Calistus who was absent at the August 31, 2015 award ceremony in Nkambe. In a brief statement the Secretary of the Jury, Nji Ignatius and Samba Kingsley numerated some of the projects initiated by Dr. Fuh Calitus such as the African Model village, Gent Fund, the Scholarship Fund, the Misaje Business Initiative etc. They said it was not by error that he was voted to recieve this prestigious recognition. “This is a spur for you to do more”, Nji Ignatius said.
It should be noted that over 60 traditional rulers attended the launching ceremony in Nkambe.

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