Monday, November 2, 2015

Hundreds Join Ta Nformi Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh in Bertoua to Pray for Peace

 FC Ndi

Happening as one with the visit to Land of the Rising, Bertoua, Regional capital of East, by The Fomunyoh Foundation the mass service for peace and security in Cameroon took place at the Saint Famille Cathedrale. Bertoua Catholic Cathedral was chock-full to capacity as hundreds joined in the mass service at the behest of The Fomunyoh Foundation –TFF, which is on a humanitarian mission to the East Region. The massive attendance was indicative as Rev. Fr Bruno Anyangma, administrator of the Bertoua Catholic Cathedral in his homily said that peace and security were indispensible for God’s people to serve humanity. Drawing his inspiration from the Book of God, Rev. Fr Bruno said God will always listen to his people. This explained why in his homily he hailed actions like those being carried out by the TFF President Dr.  Christopher Fomunyoh. Sunday’s mass service was just a continuation of the choral fiesta by Rhumsiki Choir, where members who for peace and security while glorifying God the Almighty.
In continuation of its humanitarian mission, TFF team after the church service also visited Fondation Nazareth, an orphanage in the capital city where gifts were handed. This was immediately followed by a memorable visit to Moghamo Family meeting and Wimbum family meeting (See separate story)

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