Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Abong Mbang, La Meilleure Ville de la Vieille

 By FC Ndi
Abong Mbang council area

Abong Mbang, headquarters of Upper Nyong is the window to the regional headquarters of land of the rising, Bertoua. The old Abong Mbang like Nkongsamba, Lolodorf made during the pre-colonial era. Current trends might have forgotten them but history has it on record. But I remember Union of Abong Mbang, a soccer team that has contributed enormously in our yesteryear football glories. Abong Mbang, the road junction for the numerous timber exploitation companies. Abong Mbang “La belle ville". 

However, the old town is fabulous! Interesting quirky bush meat sellers and a great selection of good people too. Truck drivers contemporary adds to the flavour its busy nature.

 Created in 1955, as headquarters of Upper Nyong Division, it located 144 km from Bertoua and 236 km from Yaounde. With a population of more than 30.000 inhabitants, the Abong Mbang council area covers 11 340 km2. It is made up of 34 villages.
It is in this municipality that The Fomunyoh Foundation in its humanitarian mission will be donating books to some schools today November 3, 2015. The beneficiary schools include GBHS Abong Mbang and Catholic College of Abong Mbang.

 (details soon)

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