Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2016 Budgetary Session: Over FCFA 1 Billion to Transform Bamenda II Council Area

Balick Awah Fidelis
Councilors of the Bamenda II Council, Mankon have adopted the sum of FCFA 1 002 000 000 (one billion and 2 million) as budget for 2016. The councilors during the session prioritize the acquisition of a (caterpillar) road grader as one of the top projects for 2016. The ambitious budget of the Bamenda II council has been described by many as a trump card given the the municipality harbors the largest portion of Bamenda city in terms of land and population. Addressing councilors at the session, Balick Awah Fidelis, mayor of the Bamenda II Council said the budget is just a plan of how the council will spend the money that is available. In a retrospective of the year 2015, Balick Awah Fidelis said last year, the Bamenda II Council carried out rehabilitation and grading of some roads in the council area. The 1st Assistant SDO for Mezam called on the councilors to work in collaboration with council staff to realize the budget which he described as very ambitious.

Small Money Big Change, a programme initiated by the Bamenda II council in 2014 was applauded for registering the highest gains in communities. The second phase which kick starts in January 2016 was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by the councilors and population. Councilors were advised to submit project proposals. Also it was also revealed during that session that the council registered 5603 birth certificates, 536 marriages and 450 deaths. (Coming Soon: Balick Awah’s 2015 Blue Print)  

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