Thursday, December 17, 2015

Agreeing on 1.5*C is Establishing Climate Justice on COP 21 Human Rights Observers say

  Aaron kaahYancho (PAMACC TEAM PARIS)

The International Youth and Students’ Movement of the United Nations(ISMUN) in collaboration with the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)have noted that world leaders will be held accountable if the 1.5*C target is not signed on Paris.
Holding under the theme “Leaving No one behind and Establishing Climate Justice”as one of the side events in this ongoing climate change arrangement, Budi Tjahjono advocacy officer for a Voice at the United Nations lamented that a 1.5*C temperature rise will make more suffers in the poor regions of the world like Africa, the Caribbean’s and Latin America where people depended on natural resources for hope more desperate. He argued that the US position of blocking the use of a human rightslanguage in the drafted agreement had serious consequences for humanity. “An aspect of human rights in the agreement   calls for a historic responsibility and engagement with the rich countries which has much to do with compensations” Budi argued.
Calling for human rights to be put on the center of the discussions, Budi stressed that this could assist government s and member states under this treaty to act accordingly. Speaking for the Caribbean Youth Environment Network Dickson Barry saidtheir youth Movement was advocating for a 1.5*C temperature fixing agreement to be finalized on Paris. According to Barry nothing less than that, was like “putting a gun to their heads”. This youth leader said 1.5 *C for all the 800 youths in the 50different states in the Caribbean meant justice and staying alive. “We want a world that we will inherit and hand to posterity”. Barry added. Weeping that the Caribbean would be at risk if global warming wasn’t checked, Barry cited sea rise and floods as the existing daily challenges that people of his region had to gamble with. “Anything above 2*C is not agreeing at all and we will hold our leaders accountable”. Barry believed. Barry took the liberty to call on governments in the world to create enabling structures for the youths to engage in climate change discussions.
Cooperation Jackson a local coalition for the people of the Africa decent form the USA wondered why the negotiators were putting trade and politics first in the heart of the negotiation process. Explaining how the USA was selfishly trying to control the way people were living on earth, Cooperation Jackson said many cities in the US will be underwater in 2020 if real measures were not taken to address global warming. “1.5*C is relevant even for the US people” Jackson remarked. While calling on members of the global civil society movements to look beyond this particular Cop and for what the future holds , He concluded that the US government didn’t have humanity at heart if it resisted   to append a 1.5*Csettlement on Paris. “We have to speak out for this is an issue of social injustice “. Jackson added.
Speaking from an African civil society perspective, SamsonSamuel Ogallah andShaddadMuawia of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance PACJA  said if the temperature rise exceeded 1.5*C more people in Africa would be left behind in the execution of the SDG’s Sustainable Development Goal’s, “A setback for the development and progress of Africa and more and more people in the troubles of climate change impacts would face moredaring challenges as a result of temperature rise”Ogallah Said. Adding that climate justice meant that the vulnerable in the world received compensations Shaddad expressed disappointments that the US and other industrialized countries were playing to the gallery. “There is need to have a human rights council and reporter who will formulate legal instruments on which states must act”.Shaddad demanded.
Accepting that Justice means human rights Jan Lonn, the   secretary general of the International Youth and Students Movement for the United Nations requested that climate change had to be approached from a human rights perspective. “Article II and the preamble of the Draft carry issues of human rights and must be considered”. He said. Asking for the legalization of a 1.5*C agreement to be declared for the survival of mother earth, JanLonn noted that enacting a 2*C pact was not agreeing at all on Paris. “Our message is clear- signing a 1.5*C treaty is respecting our human rights and justice for all.” Jan ended.

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