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Ahead 2018; Parliamentary Aspirant Tata Kwawi Mbinglo Publishes Own Political Vision


             My Dear People
Tata Kwawi Mbinglo
Another Year is coming when you will hear the same stories and promises from our old politicians. Our land which stands distinct in its enrichment in natural resources, cultural heritage and ethnic endowments has suffered a great deal of exploitation and stagnation for time immemorial. Having observed the economic, social and political and cultural predicaments that has engulfed our geo-political landscape, as your son, grandson, brother and an Elite from Fuh-Ndu Sub Division, I have chosen to stand out tall and shun down the aforementioned predicaments which has rendered progress and brought about poor living conditions of our People in the Mbumland through my Manifesto as viewed in the different domains below.

-AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION: Agriculture remains the major economic activity in the Mbum land since its migratory history. The Mbumland is endowed with great natural potentials such as rich and fertile soils, good climatic conditions and absolute peace.There is therefore every possible for Donga Mantung to Feed the entire nation. Unfortunately more than 50% of the total population in Donga Mantung who are basically farmers live in abject poverty and cannot even afford daily basic needs. I am therefore at constant negotiations and yet to do more to bring in improved farming techniques through foreign partners and donors who are ready to assist poor communities in attaining its economic growth. I am yet to reach an agreement with the chairman of DEWACO ESTATES A MICRO NATION IS THE USA and Sir Thomas Harris on getting farming equipments such as tractors and improved crop seedlings in order to multiply yearly farming output by 2020.Thus with me as MP for Ndu come 2018,Donga Mantung shall become the bread basket of not only the nation by 2020 but the continent. We shall negotiate for external markets where our farming products would be marketed.
Together with the Council we shall organize Agric shows and exhibitions twice a year top Promote annual yields. My administration shall make available interest free loans for youths in the business sector who must show proof of willingness to repay the loan in order to promote entrepreneurship and reduce youth unemployment in Donga Mantung Division.

-HEALTH. Health which remains a big handicap to our growth as a result of the high death rates due to the high rate of HIV spread in Donga Mantung since the 1992 Genocide masterminded by the ruling party which has had catastrophic effects on our people. We shall negotiate a deal with World Health Organization and the Government of Cameroon for free AIDS treatment in all hospitals in Donga Mantung.All infected persons shall have free health care services. We shall set up a vigilant youth group to ensure the constant HIV test of our youths and follow up treatments.
-EDUCATION. This remains a priority to the growth of every community. We shall make available free funding for the education of all proven Orphans in the constituency. Poor families will also be assisted with education funds through a funding commission and a scholarship scheme that shall follow up cases of urgent need and make available subsidies. More educated but Jobless youths will be integrated as PTA teachers to teach in schools that are under staffed.
-ELECTRICITY. We have already covered a long journey with the introduction of alternative sources of energy such as solar panels and solar wind energy which will be our major priority to completely eradicate the dark ages in Donga Mantung Division.
OPERATION INVEST HOME CAMPAIGN. We shall launch a campaign on our wimbum elites outside   to come back and invest home. We must not forget our roots and plant our feet strongly by making home our first home.
ROAD NETWORK: We shall open farm to market roads in most villages to link them up to the markets for the marketing of their farm products.Main roads will be reconstructed to give a befitting layout to our constituency.
SPORTS: There shall be an annual sports competition involving both boys and girls and ranging from all the various sporting competitions. I am already negotiating with the Commonwealth Youth Program for the organization of these sporting activities. Our Youths must get busy because an idle mind is the devils workshop.
Our people have suffered a great deal of marginalization by the current regime, my going to parliament is to ensure equal representation at the national level. The Anglophone problem remains my major priority as it continues to be a nightmare to our English speaking brothers.
Also the mandate of the President of the republic must be limited to 5 years a term two mandates maximum.
Empowering the youths in the political processes of our country remains our major priority.
We shall be looking at bills through a bills committee I shall set up in Ndu to evaluate Bills I will table at the glass house. We must work together to attain better results.
There shall be strict respect of retirement age including that of the president of the republic who should not exceed 70 years.
-CULTURAL HERITAGE; With our rich cultural background, we shall ensure the reinstatement of all our cultural heritage such as institutions, values, customs and tradition that are gradually dying out. This is what identifies us as a unique people. We Shall work closely with associations like WICUDA and WISU to enforce this.
This is a tentative manifesto and detailed so that we can use the much available time at our disposal to peruse and your inputs are welcome for my vision cannot be out of your imagination. We are in this together.
Happy New Year as we walk the talk in this year 2016.
Tata Kwawi Mbinglo.
Age 28.
Aspirant For Parliament, Donga Mantung Centre Constituency.

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